You are the medicine | a poem to inspire your hero’s journey

Written by Nathan Maingard

Nathan Maingard is a wordsmith giving voice to those who feel isolated and lost in these times of mass delusion and dis-ease. A breathwork instructor, modern troubadour (empowering songs, poems & stories) and ILS pro coach, Nathan empowers down-to-earth seekers to be their authentic selves. In this way we can feel, heal, and grow a beautiful world together.

14 June 2022

I found myself in my first solo journey with sacred magic mushrooms. Just me and a trip sitter. I lay on a mattress on the floor of my lounge. Scent hitched a ride on smoke drifting through the air, leaving glorious swirls of mystery across the fields in my mind. Music wrapped me in Melody’s arms and rocked me on waves of overwhelming beauty…and a fair amount of horror thrown in for good luck (shadow-work is no fucking joke, my friend).

My trip sitter sat calmly beside me through it all. Gatekeeper between the ordinary and the unknown. Suddenly an epiphany pounced on me (luckily I didn’t think to run down the road naked shouting “Eureka!”). I bolted upright and grinned at my sitter, exclaiming “I’m the medicine! I am the medicine!

My sitter smiled and nodded, replying “Yes, you are the medicine.”

I lay back down with a smile and rode my inner medicine deeper into the hero’s journey…

What is The Hero’s Journey?

Words have power. Which is why the first agreement of The Four Agreements (Don Miguel’s PHENOMENAL book) is ‘Be Impeccable With Your Word’.

I’ve always paid deep attention to words. What they create. What they destroy. How they shape reality.

It blew my mind that it took me so long to realise that the word Universe holds a deep secret in plain sight:

Uni-Verse simply means One Story. This whole infinite mind-fuck we are dancing in is One Story, One Song, one ever-unfolding Narrative.

Which then begs the critical question: if the whole universe is One Story…what is that story?

Joseph Campbell was an epic professor who realised that all stories humans have ever told come down to One Story…which he called the Mono Myth (Uni-Verse! Ya seeing the connection here!?). He named this ‘mono-myth’ The Hero’s Journey…stay with me, this is important for us!

What Joseph Campbell discovered was that every story humanity ever tells follows one basic structure, which is The Hero’s Journey.

Interesting side-note: George Lucas was inspired by Joseph Campbell’s work and used the steps of the Hero’s Journey when creating Star Wars. Now you know…

Why have we always told the hero’s journey in our best stories?

Because The Hero’s Journey is the story of our lives.

In small and great ways, on various time-scales (from moment to moment and cradle to grave), we are all on personal hero’s journeys. When we learn and integrate this, it gives meaning to the experiences we all navigate. Love, loss, growth, failure. All makes sense within the context of the hero’s journey.

Below you’ll find a representation of the circular (or spiral) structure of the Hero’s Journey.

And then I’ll explain how the hero’s journey is an invitation to remember that you are the medicine!

you are the medicine in your hero's journey
Credit to Theatrical Concepts for this version of the Hero’s Journey

You are the medicine | The Poem

As I noticed our society becoming ever more focused on ‘staying safe’, disempowering inner sovereignty, idolising dis-ease and just basically falling the fuck apart, I felt called to speak out. These last few years have seen an intensifying of the ‘big brother’ consciousness. ‘Give up all your freedom and we will keep you safe.’ While surprisingly (note the sarcastic tone), we have dis-ease, disconnection and disassociation growing at alarming rates.

Thing is, every time I shared my thoughts, it seemed to create more polarisation. And that was never my aim. It destroys the opportunity for discourse, for honouring differing perspectives, for finding common ground and empathy.

So I stayed silent…And my heart kept on nudging me to speak my truth. Even if it hurt. Finally, I was inspired to try something I’d always loved but never attempted.

And so my first ever long form spoken-word poems (like Life Unfolding Into Everything and We Are Already Free, were birthed. It’s also how this poem, You Are The Medicine, came into being.

May it remind you that…well, you are the medicine!

Do you ever wonder
Why so many of us don't
Go down the mainstream
But much rather flow with a tributary?
Well, the grass is green, the air is clean
And the food doesn't need labels to prove where it's been

The people are joy-filled and love living free
Embodying the meaning of royal sovereignty

You see, you are a hero and this is your quest:
To live life fully until you're laid to rest
'cos death is coming, that's one hundred percent
If you need another stat, there's one they can't bend...

To the villainous purpose of keeping you surfaced
Unaware of the depths hidden in your consciousness
Your very next breath, if you take it with care,
Could begin your you dare?

If you do then come in, the fire's warm and
The people are grinning
We're gathering, circling, sitting, connecting
Swaying in concert with melody's onset

Breath in my belly
Fire in my heart
Water is my body
Earth my Mother

We are the children
Of light and love
Remember, you're one of us
You're not a
Lame tame tiger muzzled, drugged and leashed
Into submission

But a roaring dragon
Filled with sun-fireAnd ecstasy in evolution
This revolution is the solution

Internal combustion
Burning parasites from the depths of our guts

In fiery lines of love across skies,
We birth a new world
Look at us fly

Breath in my belly
Fire in my heart
Water is my body
Earth my Mother

I know, it's painful
You don't know if you'll make it through
But the only way out is in
And the only peace is completing
Your hero's journey, 
Your personal reckoning

So face your trials, 
Feel through all lies
Give another breath 
Another step 
Another moment of wild

This world needs you. 
I need you,
To gift us the medicine you find
In the golden shadows entwined
With the deepest parts of your heart, 

You are the medicine
You are the medicine

Please don't accept
Anything less, anything off-the-shelf
Anything less than vibrant, glowing, magnificent health
That's wealth, that's the juice of life,
And it's in you, I promise, it's in you and ready to rise

So breathe in
Let go

And come Home

Before we go on…

Many people have been asking where to get a hold of my poems to read at their leisure

SO, good news!

Below you can download a free ebook of some of my favourite poems.

Download 5 Poems for Personal Liberation

We Are Already Free is…well, a FREE collection of my most popular poems of the last few years…PLUS some unreleased surprises thrown in for fun!

How to remember that you are the medicine and embrace your hero’s journey

Your life is not meaningless. You are not a mindless drone sent here only to accumulate. No! You, dear one, are on a hero’s journey and you are the medicine.

Your life has a deep, beautiful meaning. It is a verse in the Great Story unfolding forever! You are the only you we will ever get to know!

All the things you are looking for outside of yourself are actually intrinsic. Your trials, challenges and demons are invitations for you to empower yourself, to complete your hero’s journey and bring home the treasure to serve your community!

Your life is a great adventure!

You are the medicine…and so is everyone else

Please don’t journey alone.

Having tried that myself, I recommend finding support.

So, how to find good support for your hero’s journey?

Simple: anything or anyone that points you back to the truth that you are the medicine, you are already free, you are enough and you are a hero on a journey!

Notice that most companies, corporations, governments, media outlets, etc, all tell you that THEY are the fountains of knowledge and that you NEED THEM to survive. Look for the voices who seek to wake up up to your innate power. Your innate sovereignty and response-ability.

I’m honoured to support people like you on their hero’s journeys. I use breathwork, empowering songs/stories/poems and personal coaching/mentorship/guidance. If you’re feeling the call to reconnect with you innate magnificence, book a free discovery call with me.

Either way, I wish you all the blessings on your beautiful hero’s journey.

And remember, every hero needs a guide. Seek out the ones who point you to your own power!

Thank you for reading, for being the medicine and for existing just as you are.

I love you

PS: remember to download the free ebook of 5 poems for personal liberation ?

Cover Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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  1. Nathan Maingard

    This is Nathan, testing out comments on his first post!

  2. Fay

    It is a beautiful blog, I love it, Nathan. And I so much agree with what you say that we are the medicine and about the Uni-verse! The hero’s journey is at the heart of all good stories, think TED talks or your favourite books from when you were a child. We are all the medicine and also all heroes.
    Thank you,

    • Nathan Maingard

      I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed it, thank you Fay! Also thanks for being my first commentator on the new site ?. Yay to us all being the medicine and all being heroes, so true! I guess we’re also all guides on others’ hero’s journeys too, at times ?

  3. Fiona

    Nathan, I love the phrase ‘you are the medicine’. It totally captures what I perceive to be your purpose… empowering others to fully embrace that reality, and to see through any shadows that mute or obscure that deep understanding within ourselves. And to assist all of us to undertake the heroes journey as we travel deeper and deeper into the conscious, lived experience of ‘I’ as the creative force, forming our world with every breath and every thought. Thank you for creating this blog and for clearly expressing a concept so needed for our human evolution. You are brave and courageous and living your truth.

    • Nathan Maingard

      Thank you for your beautiful and insightful reflections, Fiona. In honoured to be of service and wish you blessings on your Path as we all continue to walk each other home ?? ???‍♀️


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