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Hi, I’m Nathan Maingard, your guide to rediscovering joy and personal freedom. I frickin’ LOVE sharing the empowering tools and practices I’ve learned along the way. Discover more about me and how we can work together below…

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Meet Nathan Maingard

img-1I’m a transformational guide and modern troubadour passionate about empowering individuals to love themselves and live joyfully. With over two decades of experience, I’ve evolved from a pro singer-songwriter into a leader in personal development and holistic wellbeing.

As a certified coach, breathwork and ice bath facilitator, and musician, I specialize in guiding people through personal challenges like self-sabotage and imposter syndrome. My transformative experiences foster self-discovery and empowerment, creating a safe space to cultivate your gifts.

More recently, with my wife Carly, we have begun creating immersive retreats focused on ancestral nourishment and the healing power of nature. Our workshops and retreats reconnect participants with the fundamentals of being human through Boundless Breathwork, ice baths, uplifting music, workshops, and more.

As the host of the ‘We Are Already Free‘ podcast, I guide people to embrace their sovereignty and intrinsic worth.

I’m excited about one-to-one sessions, workshops, retreats, and customized combinations. Let’s chat about your transformative experience.

“Nathan, thank you for the beautiful message you are spreading to the world. Helping to inspire others to find their own way back to personal freedom is such an incredible gift and legacy to leave for the collective. It’s an honor to walk this journey alongside you.”

Dr Nicole LePera

The Holistic Psychologist

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Transformational Guidance

Break free from self-sabotage and imposter syndrome, find your authentic self, and revitalize your life’s purpose through one-on-one coaching sessions. No biggie!


  • Breathwork Coaching: 🌬️ Reconnect with your inner guidance and find peace through Boundless Breathwork.
  • Personal Coaching: 👨‍🏫 Customised sessions to help you break free from whatever’s got you stuck, so you can live with purpose.
  • Many More Tools: 🛠️ Whether you need to increase resilience, let go of emotions, or plan your global takeover (😅), I’ve got wonderful tools to support you with. Let’s do this!

Workshop & Retreat Facilitation

Experience deeply rooted and epic transformations through workshops and immersive retreats. I’d be stoked to create something magical for you and your tribe!


  • Breathwork & Ice Baths: 🧊 Cleanse your mind, calm your spirit, and strengthen your body through breathwork and ice baths.
  • Story Workshops: ✍️ Reflect on and transform your unique life journey. It’s hard to put into words how profound this workshop is for people! Ask me for more info.
  • Retreats: 🌳 Slow down, remember your childlike curiosity, and restore your life force .

Live Music

Live music brings people together like nothing else, and I’ve been doing it since I was 16 years old. Whether it’s an intimate home or a festival stage, my craft creates an experience that resonates deeply.

“I booked Nathan for a surprise show for family and friends at my home one evening. The places we visited in the musical journey he took us on have yet to be found again. In a candlelit living room, the clocks rested, our breath flowed, emotions roamed wild…and only what was real was alive – a fire fuelled by Nathan’s music.” -Tiger


Gift of Song

Immortalise your life and love with a custom heart song. Using my skills as an award-winning singer-songwriter, I’ll passionately craft a unique song for you or your loved ones.


  • Personal Heart Song: 🎼 A timeless serenade reframing your personal journey.
  • Team Workshop Song: 🫂 A collaborative anthem for your team’s growth.
  • Gift of Song: 🎁 For your lover, mother, friend, or any other special moment.

    What People Are Saying

    The breathwork, ice bath, and workshop that Nathan took us through were incredible. For me, the highlight was the songwriting workshop. I haven’t felt that creative in 30 years, and I just felt so positive. It was incredible. Really mindful for me. And the breathwork as well. I cried, I had visions, it was so enjoyable and highly recommend it. Nathan, thank you, man. I love my song. I’ll never forget it, ever. It’ll be a memory I live with for the rest of my life, and I don’t say that lightly. Thank you very much.


    David Seinker

    CEO | The Business Exchange

    Past retreat & workshop attendee

    Nathan is a gifted facilitator and space holder, with a grounded, authentic energy and presence. His breathwork sessions are deeply relaxing and profoundly healing, guided by his calm, kind and soothing voice. Nathan is approachable, open and not afraid to express his vulnerability and open his heart, making him both inspiring and relatable as a teacher. He has the capacity to hold a safe and inviting space for both men and women and lets his sense of humour and wisdom shine through, while never forcing his views. His music and storytelling is a highlight and offers a unique and enjoyable experience for all participants. As a facilitator, Nathan is a breath of fresh air, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to add immense value to an event, workshop or retreat.


    Olivia Moon

    Retreat Co-ordinator

    Nathan facilitated an amazing day that comprised of a number of mindful practices. Sharing his personal journey allowed us to open up and the absolute highlight was the song writing workshop. One of the most unique workshops I’ve ever attended! I’d highly recommend Nathan for any leadership or retreat breakaways.

    Team Member

    Jason Bagley

    Founder | Growth Experts

    Past retreat & workshop attendee

    I felt like an outsider in my own life, disconnected from the real me. The heart song Nathan created for me gave me a powerful reminder of my roots and the beauty in being ‘wonderfully weird.’ Now, whenever I feel lost, I listen to my song—it reconnects me to my true self, filling me with strength and pride. This song isn’t just music; it’s a transformative gift that helps me live with a joyous heart, fully embracing who I am. Nathan’s skill lies not just in his musical talent, but also his ability to see and celebrate the real you.


    Rebecca Saldanha

    Client and heart song recipient

    I wasn’t making time to focus on my passions and my frustration felt endless. Thanks to having Nathan as my coach, I gained an awareness of what was holding me back. I realised that my state of freedom comes from within! This new way of coaching gave me great insights, super guidance through the process and focused me on a result. It was life-changing! I am showing up for myself again!


    Evelin Ludwig

    Coaching client

    Nathan Maingard is one hell-of-a performer. Friendly, warm, full of passion and stories, he brings you in and takes you on a journey that you won’t soon forget. Nathan’s songs and voice are fresh and yet represent the kind of well crafted, soaring sounds that will never go out of style.

    Team Member

    Rafe Offer

    Founder | Sofar Sounds

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    Here Are More Testimonials 😉

    Nathan and his music have been a beacon of light for me in my darkest times for years now 🙏🏼💙


    Whenever I come to Nathan’s creations it feels like home. I feel his warm hug squeezing my shoulders so I can feel safe. And I remember that love is the reason I’m here.

    Sebastien Larssen


    I’ve participated in a lot of transformational work in the past…but this is one of the unique times where the “coach” didn’t gently nudge me to the resolution. Before coaching with Nathan I felt confused, fragmented, stuck and indecisive about moving forward with some of my dreams. I came away from my session with a strong send of my authentic self. Nathan empowered to make courageous decisions by trusting my soul from a place of love. His coaching put me in the driver seat to my own transformation.

    Kim James

    Coaching Client

    Being unsure about a new aspect of my business was leaving me overwhelmed and uncertain. During our session I clarified within myself what the most aligned next step was for me. I’m inspired to pursue my new project, with refreshed creativity. I’ve also cultivated curiosity about new perspectives, possibilities and opportunities I hadn’t even considered before! Nathan’s self-awareness, intuition and life experience give him a multi-faceted gem from which to source questions and guidance that related directly to my needs in the moment. His authenticity is a superpower that allows him to tune in, tap in and turn on to the project at hand.

    Blisssa Nizzoli

    Coaching Client

    The deeper meanings in Nathan’s songs, and the way they are sung,will heal you.


    Nathan’s music has brought out the adventurer in me…and keeps me believing in love, my hopes, and my dreams

    Amy Lingenfelter