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…because, as a grandma wrote, “The comfort his beautiful music brought me was a revelation. He lifted my spirit at a time when I was unable to do so myself. I am happy to say that I am ‘mending’ and optimistic about the future now, and that’s thanks in no small part to Nathan.”

wild & free album cover - healing heart songs and medicine music

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As the Spirit in Art blog said, “When I listen to Nathan’s songs, I feel a calmness and a happiness that makes me think of greats like Jim Morrison,” and, as Maria wrote after attending a show in Mexico City, “There were tears falling down my cheeks ALL the concert and on my way back home I was just laughing with joy and feeling thankful for everything in life.” If you’re a fan of heart-opening, soul-moving music like the lyrical melodies of John Lennon, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Cat Stevens, Jack Johnson and more, then you are going to love Nathan Maingard’s healing heart songs.

“After I lost my wife to cancer all I wanted was to be with her again.  I gave up on everything. I neglected my health, and everyone around me.  I couldn’t even get out of bed…I stayed in a constant state of depression.  It was only when I heard Nathan sing Always Wandering that I began the journey back to a place of hope.”


Relatable, fun and emotive lyrics layered over spine-tinglingly sensitive guitar chords will soothe your cares and lovingly welcome you home to your Self, where you will find that you are the medicine and love is the meaning in Everything.

If you like your folky artistes like Nick Mulvey, Edward Sharpe and First Aid Kit, you’ll love Nathan’s music.

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So click ORDER NOW to experience the joy, emotion and healing heart songs of Wild & Free for yourself, and to learn why Eli wrote, “Your music grasped hold of my heart and gently taught it not to be afraid anymore…”

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