Give What You Can for Your Session(s)

This page is for those in South Africa only. If you are in USA, Australia, Europe, etc, please go here instead.

My sessions are offered as Give What You Can.

I believe everyone should be able to receive the support, guidance and inner healing they need.

In order for me to continue creating and supporting you and others,
I need your help and direct support.

If you can’t afford the average of R1500 per single session or R4000 per 4-session bundle, give less and support later when you can.

If you have more than you need to survive,
consider those who can’t afford it when you are giving.

Any extra you offer supports those who are less able to give.

By paying it forward you are directly helping people (who normally couldn’t afford it) to receive the support and healing they need.

Thank you for your generosity – because of your contribution I can keep offering this service to all, no matter their income.

Yours in love and faith

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