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Feeling the isolation of being an outsider in a disconnected society? No one seems to understand your need for deep, genuine connections. It’s Nathan Maingard here, reminding you that you’re not alone with the “We Are Already Free” podcast. Join us every Thursday for holistic wellness, practical spirituality, and living with purpose. Mixed with a dash of protest stories for lovers, and love stories for rebels!
Our unique approach lies in our authenticity. We’re not here to preach from a pedestal, but to share real, vulnerable journeys with you. Each episode is a candid exploration of what it means to be human. You’ll find a transformative connection and comfort in knowing we share these experiences.
Featuring remarkable guests like The Holistic Psychologist, Chef Pete Evans, and many more. We share perspectives and experiences that go against the mainstream. We encourage you to follow your unique path toward true freedom and joy.
Each episode brings enlightening talks, transformational stories, and practical advice. This is for you if you want to live beyond societal constraints. A space where being a misfit is not accepted—it’s celebrated.
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Join us for Uplifting Conversations with Thought Leaders and Edgewalkers

This podcast features a dynamic range of guests who bring deep insights and inspiring stories to our communities. These voices help illuminate the path to personal freedom and holistic wellness. Listen to our most downloaded episodes below.

The Holistic Psychologist

Dr Nicole LePera is revolutionizing mental health by integrating psychology with holistic practices to foster complete healing.

Chef Pete Evans

Advocating for nutritional awareness and holistic health through his expertise in natural foods and healthy cooking.


A soul-stirring musician whose work explores profound themes of spirituality and personal growth, offering listeners both solace and inspiration.

Sergei Boutenko

Promoting the health benefits of wild edibles and nature’s healing power through practical foraging advice.

Dr. Melissa Sell

Exploring the connection between mind and body health through the principles of German New Medicine.

Slow Down Farmstead

Tara Couture educates on sustainable farming and ancestral nutrition to enhance physical and mental well-being.

Join Our Conversation

Are you an expert or enthusiast in fields related to personal development, wellness, or spirituality? I’m always excited to explore new perspectives and share transformative stories. If you’d like to be a guest on “We Are Already Free,” please contact me through our website. Let’s inspire and empower together!

Unlock a World of Authentic Connection and Empowerment

Each episode of “We Are Already Free” invites you into a space where genuine connection and self-discovery are not just possible—they’re inevitable. Join us and feel empowered to live your life unchained from society’s limitations.

Insightful Conversations

Insightful Conversations

Expand your mind with discussions on personal development, mental wellness, and spiritual growth with Nathan and a diverse array of thoughtful guests.

Tools For Living Freely

Tools For Living Freely

Learn practical ways to navigate life’s challenges with mindfulness, self-sovereignty, and holistic wellness.

Inspirational Stories

Inspirational Stories

Hear transformative stories from individuals who have embraced their true selves and found joy in authenticity.

For all of us who feel like we’re alone…

If you have ever felt like an outsider, like you’re the only one who can actually see that the emperor does, in fact, have no clothes – you are not alone. Nathan’s transparency and vulnerability are so refreshing and inspiring, and his guests meet him RIGHT THERE. This is truth-seeking and speaking at it’s best…balm, and inspiration, for the soul. Just subscribe. You’ll be so glad you did! 

Erin R

Powerful and Enlightening

I love Nathan’s positivity and vibe! You can tell that he genuinely cares about people! He and his guest(s) have powerful messages that go against the mainstream social construct with an open mind and open heart.


This podcast is invaluable

This show  brings a social connection to those around you and an ecological connection to the world around you and it makes the world feel a little bit smaller; like we have connections that one would not know otherwise. Nathan Maingard, a phenomenal songwriter, storyteller and man in general, does a great job of helping people understand the world on a personal level just a bit more. Thanks for the great show, Nathan.


Refreshing, practical, eye-opening

I was first attracted to the podcast by its name, ‘We are already free’, and by one of the early interviews with the musician Roaman, whose music I found a great inspiration. Freedom is a foundational concept, but for whatever reason it has become a bit of a dirty word in recent times…I’ve found Nathan’s discussions really fresh and eye-opening, as he explores lifestyles and insights new to me, always with a freedom of inquiry, and a desire to grasp what is pure and practical.

Dan M

Nourishment for the mind, body and soul

We are already free, but if we don’t know that we’re free, are we? Nathan’s conversations with an unusual array of guests provide compassionate, insightful, and (mostly) scientifically validated perspectives that guide listeners to full awareness of how we have created the worlds we live in. Each episode invites us to; examine our old patterns, beliefs and stories… shift how we see ourselves and the world… expand our awareness and experience of the love and peace innate to truth and liberation. Yes, there is much nourishment for the mind, but also for the body and soul. This last piece – soul nourishment – is what makes this podcast really stand out, for me.


Beautiful conversations with beautiful people

Stopped by to listen to one and ended up spending the day listening to them all! Thank you, thank you. Highly reccomend 🤍


The most important kind of conversations for our times!

Thank you for sharing these conversations with the world. Tara from SlowDownFarmstead is one of the best people of our crazy times…and is how I found this podcast. Its wonderful to find more people who are living outside the mainstream narrative, they give me great hope for the future of humanity.


We Are Free To Be FREE!!!

The one thing that makes this podcast great is that it gives people a chance to do one of the hardest things in life: be vulnerable. Coming out of a pandemic and re-connecting with oneself, you can feel a sense of liberation from him and the guests he brings on. This is truly a “feel good” podcast, with words of wisdom and affirming thoughts to help live a more fulfilling life.

The White Tiger

A juicy compilation of topics!

This has become my favourite podcast. Nathan has a way of creating such an authentic down to earth & FUN vibe while still covering such in-depth and sometimes challenging conversations. Each episode is juicy and moreish, leaving me wanting more & more- not only from the podcast but from life! Thank you for inspiring, educating and seeing me 💕 I feel at home here

Carly E

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