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If you’ve had enough of being locked in the ‘normal’ box, listen now for simple keys to remember that…

We Are Already Free

my fav podcast


“After stumbling upon Nathan’s beautiful poem We Are Already Free last year, I was thrilled when I found his podcast. I’ve listened to each episode and it’s become my favourite! Guests and topics are amazing, truly heart opening. Helping spread truth and peace in chaotic times. It feels good knowing there are like-minded people out there.”

Born to be free!


“Gives people a chance to do one of the hardest things in life: be vulnerable…coming out of a pandemic and re-connecting, you can feel a sense of liberation from him and the guests. This is truly a “feel good” podcast, with words of wisdom and affirming thoughts to help live a more fulfilling life.”



“Nathan embodies a rare purity of heart that encourages gorgeous conversation with his guests that leave me feeling faith in the future and in myself. Highly recommended for those looking for authentic, heart felt truth.”


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