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How to empower your death: Dr. Gary Shlifer on end of life care, appreciating life, assisted suicide, the benefits of hospice and more… #36

Ready to flip your understanding of death and dying on its head? Tune in to this eye-opening chat with Dr. Gary Shlifer, our go-to guru for all things preventative care and lifestyle optimization. We're busting open the taboo on talking about the end of life, and guess what? It might just make you appreciate the life you're living even more. We're exploring empowered decision-making around end-of-life care, and even venturing into the dicey waters of assisted suicide - all from a place of deep compassion and respect. With Dr. Shlifer by our side, we're tackling mortality head-on and finding our power within it. So, buckle up for an episode that's as life-affirming as it is profound, and don't miss this chance to approach life's toughest questions with a fresh sense of clarity and purpose.
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Why understanding menswork matters for men, women, and building a better future together | w/ Connor Beaton of ManTalks #29

In this thought-provoking and inspiring episode, I chat with Connor Beaton, founder of Mantalks, about the transformative power of embracing fear, stepping out of comfort zones, and the importance of men's work in building a better future together. Both men and women will benefit from this enlightening conversation as we dive deep into the challenges and opportunities that arise when we face our fears, grow from setbacks, and support one another in our personal journeys. Don't miss this heartfelt and engaging discussion that will leave you eager to unlock your true potential and co-create a thriving world with those you love.
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