Get more out of your day with a guided morning practice

Take the 5 Day Morning Practice Challenge to learn how to create a simple morning routine, which brings calm, joy and success to the rest of your day

“After struggling with motivation, lethargy and an overly active mind, this morning practice challenge came along at the perfect time. It only took a few minutes each day to complete Nathan’s easy-going, value-packed lessons. I feel motivated and back on track! If you’re thinking about it, suspend skepticism and give it a go!” -Emma Hanson

Empower Yourself

Live Your Truth

Be The Change

Are You Struggling With…

  • Overwhelm, Not Knowing What To Give Your Energy To?
  • Doomscrolling‘ Even Though It Frustrates You?
  • Negative Thoughts Which Spiral You Down Into Apathy?
  • Hopelessness Due To Feeling Powerless?
  • Trouble Starting A Consistent Morning Practice?
  • Lack Of Connection To Source?

Reclaim Your Sovereignty With A Morning Practice

“Your morning sets up the success of your day. So many people wake up and immediately check their messages, emails & social media. I use my first hour awake for my morning routine.” – Caroline Ghosn


Feel your authentic emotions
Release energetic blocks
Connect with your heart


Release old traumas
Become more present
Calm your nervous system


Find your tribe
Expand your consciousness
Live your purpose

“Waking up every day in a frustrated fog, I knew something was wrong. I felt hopeless and incapable of making the changes I needed. The morning practice challenge helped me love myself and switch from self-judging “I’m sick, I’m bad, I have to do my work and change,” to “I love and accept myself, I take care and do what is actually good for me!” I feel much more confident, safe and tolerant with myself…and more peaceful. I am more motivated and enjoy witnessing every day. The big difference is how Nathan keeps it simple, accessible and very supportive. This challenge brings only positive things and was totally worth the reasonable price!”

Adrien Boisseau

“I went into this morning practice not knowing what to expect. What I experienced was a beautiful gift. By the end I felt calm and buoyant – all my stress and anxiety just melted away. Even by the end of the day, I still feel grounded, centred and connected to my Inner Guidance. I’m already looking forward to tomorrow morning’s practice.”

Meet Your Morning Practice Guide

Meet Your Morning Practice Guide

Hi, I’m Nathan. I’m a breathwork facilitator, empowering wordsmith, intuitive guide…and your teacher for this morning practice adventure! I’m sharing this challenge because I know how painful it is to feel powerless! As a child, society crushed me for my authenticity. Desperate to fit in, I numbed myself with self-destructive habits. This only led to more pain and dis-ease. A morning practice reminds me that I am already free and I am the medicine I once looked for outside myself. So are you, my friend!

Invest In Your Future

$47 USD


  • Lifetime Access
  • Guided Morning Practice Videos
  • Ongoing Support On Your Journey
  • Accountability With Community
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • Printable Templates
  • And More…….

Why a Morning Practice?

Start the day energised, with presence, peace and positivity. Experience inner transformation. Many seek to force change externally. Life is your mirror. As you grow your inner garden, your abundance begins to overflow and the seeds you tend with care, love and patience become the world you live in.

How To Join The Challenge

Once Off Price

  • Lifetime access to the morning practice challenge
  • Guided Morning Practice Videos and Audio
  • Ongoing Support On Your Journey
  • Accountability Within the Online Community
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • Printable Templates
  • Access the entire We Are Already Free community
  • Join live breathwork and morning practice online gatherings
  • Use the community directory to meet other people

Frequently Asked Questions

What if i can’t afford the challenge?

Email me and let me know what you can comfortably afford, no
questions asked (zero included).

Who will benefit from a morning practice?

Anyone who wants to experience more gratitude, calm, productivity,
connection and presence in their lives.

How long does it take?

This is a 5 Day Morning Practice Challenge which will set you up with the foundation on which you can build a lifelong morning practice.

Who is this morning practice challenge for?

  • People who have never had a morning practice.
  • Those who have tried and failed to be consistent in a daily or morning practice.
  • Beginners who are wanting to learn breathwork, meditation or journaling.

Who is this NOT for?

If you already have a consistent daily or morning practice, then this might not be for you.

Do i have to join the community to access the challenge?

The challenge is hosted on the We Are Already Free communuty platform. You can buy the challenge for a single lifetime price of $47 OR access the entire community for the pioneer subscription of $20pm, which gives you access to all future courses, challenges, live events, community chats, and more (only for the first 30 signups)…