Hi, I’m Nathan.

transformational guide, empowering wordsmith, & PODCAST HOST

Nathan means gift. My gift is reminding you of your sovereignty, joy, and wonder. My stories, tools, & sessions inspire down-to-earth seekers to live their truth. Life is too short to pretend. Together we’re remembering that we are already free. Please reach out, I’d love to connect with you…

“I was feeling frustrated and tense, struggling to find a safe space to process and heal. Since working with Nathan I have started processing life with more ease. I’ve learned that I am the medicine, and it’s safe for me to heal through pain rather than trying to avoid it. Working with Nathan has been deeply healing and transformational for me.”

Sophia of Say Coach

Inner Life Skills Master Coach & Trainer

The We Are Already Free Podcast

Had enough of feeling TIRED of fighting what you DON’T want? Ready to grow a beautiful world and live a life of joy? We Are Already Free is for you…and it’s FREE wherever you listen to podcasts.


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My favourite podcast ❤️

Hi Nathan, After stumbling upon your beautiful poem “We Are Already Free” last year, I was thrilled when I found out you were creating a podcast… I’ve listened to each episode, and I must say… this has got to be my favourite podcast! The guests are amazing and so are the topics, each one truly heart opening. Thank you for doing the work you do, helping to spread truth and peace during these chaotic times. It feels good knowing there are other like minded people out there… Much love, Kendra


A Beautiful…

Nathan embodies a rare purity of heart that encourages gorgeous conversation with his guests that leave me feeling faith in the future and in myself. Highly recommended for those looking for authentic, heart felt truth. MGx


We Are Free To Be FREE!!!

The one thing that makes this podcast great is that it gives people a chance to do one of the hardest things in life: be vulnerable…coming out of a pandemic and re-connecting with oneself, you can feel a sense of liberation from him and the guests he brings on. This is truly a “feel good” podcast, with words of wisdom and affirming thoughts to help live a more fulfilling life.

Recent Episodes

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The Vegan Myth: The Healing Power of Meat, with Dr. Sara Marilyn Jesus #57

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The 5 fears holding you back: Insights from transformational leader Brad Axelrad EP56

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Are we a good fit to work together?

No one is for everyone. I believe authenticity, vulnerability, and kindness are foundational for true connection.

I am for the curious. The down-to-earth. The sensitive. The weirdos. The mystics. The misfits. Those who are ready to root deep and rise high.

If you feel a resonance…then I am for you.

What I bring to my work with you

  • certified Breathwork facilitator
  • Certified inner life skills Pro coach
  • I accept & love you as you are
  • ice bath guide
  • many happy client testimonials
  • Transformed suicidal thoughts into a thriving life of purpose
  • experienced Suicide hotline councillor
  • I believe in your power to transform your pain into treasure (if I can do it, so can you)
  • available for online/in-person, 1:1/groups, private/retreats, Etc…
online gatherings where we can be our authentic selves


Hear from people I’ve worked with

Shams Nelson

Coaching & Breathwork client

Before working with Nathan, I felt frustrated with my lack of purpose. I was angry and cycling through feelings of self-loathing and self-pity. After our first session I went into my day feeling positive and hopeful. I felt lighter and more proactive. Nathan’s unique approach of combining breathwork with manifestation and music/poetry was captivating and inspiring. I’d recommend anyone reading this to give it a try

Shams Nelson

Coaching & Breathwork client

Evelin Ludwig

Coaching & consulting client

I wasn’t making time to focus on my passions first thing in the morning and my frustration felt endless. Thanks to having Nathan as my coach I gained an awareness of what was holding me back. I realised that my state of freedom comes from within! This new way of coaching gave me great insights, super guidance through the process and focused me on a result. It was life-changing! I am showing up for myself again!

Evelin Ludwig

Coaching & consulting client

Olivia Moon

Bodhi Khaya Retreat Co-ordinator & Facilitator

Nathan is a gifted facilitator and space holder, with a grounded, authentic energy and presence. His breathwork sessions are deeply relaxing and profoundly healing, guided by his calm, kind and soothing voice. Nathan is approachable, open and not afraid to express his vulnerability and open his heart, making him both inspiring and relatable as a teacher. He has the capacity to hold a safe and inviting space for both men and women and lets his sense of humour and wisdom shine through, while never forcing his views. His music and storytelling is a highlight and offers a unique and enjoyable experience for all participants. As a facilitator, Nathan is a breath of fresh air, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to add immense value to an event, workshop or retreat.

Olivia Moon

Bodhi Khaya Retreat Co-ordinator & Facilitator