Embrace Deeper Relationships: A Real Change in Just 90 Minutes

Are you tired of wishing for a shoulder to lean on, a companion to laugh with, that fellow weirdo who gets you in ways no one else does? Sign up now for a 90 minute 1:1 session that will unlock specific, actionable steps to attract and deepen relationships that honour the authentic you.
Unlock Connection

Why do highly sensitive people struggle to find fulfilling relationships?

Fear of Rejection

You’re scared your truth will make those you value and love turn away from you, so you hide who you really are and end up feeling more lonely than ever…


Blurred Boundaries

You don’t know how to express your own needs to create space for yourself, so you stay small and feel trapped…

Avoiding Conflict

You don’t want to hurt your loved one’s feelings, so you stay silent, but that just leads to resentment…

Unlock the Essence of Authentic Connections

In 90 minutes, we’ll put the pieces in place to get you started on your journey to enjoying more fulfilling relationships for the rest of your life…

Relate from the Heart

Experience a profound transformation in how you express yourself, so you can say what you mean, in away that others can understand, feel, and connect with.

Know Thyself

As you learn more about who you really are, your radar gets better at finding aligned relationships. Our session equips you with the insights and tools you need to express your true self and build connections that genuinely resonate

From Drama to Connection

Learn how to see and break the old patterns of drama, victimhood, and rescuing that are keeping your relationships stuck in drama

Are you tired of…

  • Hiding your truth because you’re afraid of being pushed away by those you love?
  • Longing for a soul tribe who gets you?
  • Giving to others, yet you find yourself alone in times of need?
  • Questioning why your journey of awakening often feels so lonely?
  • Feeling disconnected, while aching to find your tribe of like-minded people?
  • Exhausted by superficial relationships that lack depth and authenticity?
  • Struggling to find a partner to share an authentic life with?

Your Path to Authentic Relationships:

A Simple Three-Step Journey


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Empower Relationships

In our focused 90-minute session, I’ll guide you on a journey of self-discovery, practical relationship insights, and empowering strategies. This is where the core transformation occurs, reshaping your approach to relationships.


Integrate Your Growth

Following our session, the integration begins. With new tools and a renewed perspective, over time you’ll begin experiencing more authentic connections, improved communication, and a deeper sense of belonging.

“Before working with Nathan, I struggled with feelings of inadequacy in my relationships. His guidance helped me develop trust in myself, allowing my true self to emerge more confidently. I’ve learned to be authentic, releasing the need for external validation. This journey with Nathan has been a cornerstone in developing a deeper connection with myself and others.”

-Josh Snyman

Congrats on taking action to shift your relationships into the place you want them to be!

This session includes:

  • 90 minutes of 1:1 coaching
  • One month of follow-up support via email/whatsapp
  • Access to a downloadable workbook


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