“Come home to your true Self as you enjoy FREE downloads of this folky troubadour’s uplifting & healing heart songs…”

…And now you can download THREE songs for FREE!

Listen to what others are saying about Nathan Maingard!

“His voice is soft, yet powerful, his lyrics whimsical and truly extraordinary. Folk, rebellion and beauty can be heard in all his songs.” -Lydia’s Reviews
“You feel like you’re being hugged and growing stronger after listening to nathan.” -Music Cottage Blog
“Hearing his music was one of my most healing experiences in a long time, heart-opening and inspiring. I’ve been dealing with shadows of lack, fear, shame and doubt, and nathan has become an expander for me. To know that there is someone else out there who feels so deeply, yet continues to show up and share…thanks, nathan, the world really needs this.” -Stacie A

As the Spirit in Art blog said, “When I listen to Nathan’s songs, I feel a calmness and a happiness that makes me think of greats like Jim Morrison,” and, as Maria said after attending a show in Mexico City, “There were tears falling down my cheeks ALL the concert and on my way back home I was just laughing with joy and feeling thankful for everything in life.” If you’re a fan of heart-opening, soul-moving music like the lyrical melodies of John Lennon, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Cat Stevens, Jack Johnson and more, then you are going to love Nathan Maingard’s healing heart songs.

Relatable, fun and emotive lyrics layered over spine-tinglingly sensitive guitar chords will soothe your cares and lovingly welcome you home to your Self, where you find that you are the medicine and love is the meaning in everything.

Now is your chance to download THREE free songs from Nathan’s latest album, recorded raw and live in a farm loft in South Africa! Just enter your name and email to receive the download link directly to your inbox!

So enter your name and email and give yourself the gift of these free healing heart songs because, as Rebecca said after a show in Germany, “Hearing Nathan’s music was such a wonderful, inspiring, beautiful, happy, soul-shaking, making-me-feel-all-warm-inside experience!!”

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