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Free your breath
meet your self
live your truth

“I was struggling with being consistent with my morning practice. I couldn’t find time to commit and keep my promise to myself, which made me feel very guilty. Since starting Nathan’s guided breathwork meditation, my habits have changed and my mentality around my morning practice has improved! Nathan helped me understand that I just have to show up and take a teeny tiny step. Now it’s naturally a part of my routine…and I actually ENJOY it! It doesn’t feel like a daunting chore. If you’re thinking about downloading his guided breathwork meditation, just dive in! Nathan makes it so soothing and inviting to start the journey of a new practice.”

Jessica Allossery

“Before I started the guided breathwork meditation I wasn’t showing up for myself daily. I felt out of control and overwhelmed, struggling to find calm. Since beginning this practice, I feel more peace and an increased capacity for holding space for myself. I choose to get up early and invest in the time for myself, knowing that I am worthy. I simply love this breathwork meditation, I feel more centred since I started it.”

Claire Lane