If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or stuck, the energetic frequency of today’s guest Fia is medicine for gentle surrender to the beauty of this moment. Soak in the the energy of surrender, faith, trust, and love…this episode is for you.

Welcome to We Are Already Free, a podcast helping free people and down-to-earth seekers to live their truth and be the change. If you’re done with paying attention to buy more of the life you DON’T want, and you’re ready to reconnect with the curiosity, joy, and wonder that you knew as a child…then this podcast is for you.

Based in the countryside north of Stockholm, Fia Forsström (known mononymously as Fia) is a spiritual singer/songwriter who, with her inspirational lyrics and catchy melodies, has a unique way of weaving music that empowers the listener to drop deeper into themselves and find their own medicine. Since the release of her debut album “Made of Stars” in 2016, Fia has been touring worldwide and continues to touch hearts wherever she goes. Building a solid platform through social media and word of mouth, Fia took her place as one of the leading voices on the spiritual music scene with ”Legacy of Light” in 2017 and ”Waterfall of Wisdom” in 2019. Both of them, like the debut, were recorded and released through crowdfunding. Since then, several EPs, singles and various collaborations have taken place and in autumn/winter 2022 she enters the studio to create her fourth album.

When my sweetheart Carly introduced me to Fia’s song Shedding Skins a few years ago, it instantly became a soundtrack to my own dark night of the soul. It encouraged me to keep going, to befriend the most shadowy parts of myself, and to keep showing up for the present moment. I still listen to it regularly.

Some of the things we get into in this episode include:

  • Why making friends with your demons can help you to live a better life
  • Why turning inward is the greatest gift for ourselves and all our relations
  • How spending time in nature is a recalibration
  • A simple way to connect with belonging, purpose, and faith beyond religion
  • How Fia’s dark night of the soul turned her spark into a fire
  • Near the end: Why you should be yourself, stay curious, not take things too seriously, and trust your inner knowing

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May this episode bring you calm, connection, curiosity, courage, and joy






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