If you’ve been feeling stuck in old patterns, trapped by your past, or struggling with stories that don’t serve you, today’s guest Taheera Ma’at has joyful and deep messages which will serve you in transforming, awakening and living with love.

In this episode:

  • Why we’re living in the great awakening, the new times
  • How rituals can help you through your own awakening (and some simple ones to get started with)
  • Why you should stop worrying about what others think of you and get on with living as your authentic self
  • How important it is to get help and support along the way
  • Why having a glass of wine might actually mean you’re enlightened
  • And, near the end of this episode, a beautiful reflection on how death can be a celebration of ‘graduation’
  • As always, there is so so much more goodness in here!

Taheera is an Ayahuasca Shaman, Kambo Practitioner, and Clinical Trained Therapist who has been working in the healing field for over 21 years. She holds 2 Masters Degrees one in Professional Counseling with a specialization in Trauma and another one in Human Services specializing in Addiction and is a E.M.D.R. Certified Therapist. She is the founder of the Ecology of Clinical Shamanism Institute, a 2 year Apprenticeship where women learn about Shamanism, Metaphysics, get trained in Shamanic Earth Medicines, and become Integration Coaches. Taheera has also completed Metaphysical Trainings ranging from Past Life Regression, Akashic Records, Angel Healing and is a Reiki Master. Taheera holds most retreats at her retreat space, Oasis en las Montañas (Oasis in the Mountains) in the Dominican Republic where she lives. She studies with her current mentor Joel Villayamor, an Ayahuasca Shaman who has been working with the plant for over 17 years, as well as participated in trainings with the Late Elder Malidoma Patrice Some, an African Shaman who inspired her to bridge the worlds of Clinical and Shamanic Application. She continues to be a student as she shares her wisdom of the Goddess, helping people come back to Balance, Wholeness and Joy.

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