Do you often feel like you’re fighting to survive rather than flowing to thrive?

Today’s guest, Sufey, is a powerhouse of surrender, a goddess of expansion, a mother, an enchantress, and an enthusiastic servant to her King. Her upcoming course (HU)MAN begins 01/01, and it’s a sovereign woman’s journey into her ROOT chakra.

Sufey’s voice alone was enough to calm a deep part of my restless being. Her message is clearly transmitted by the lived experiences she embodies. Her dedication as a mother, wife, and human offer a vastly more valuable narrative than our society’s default, of what it means to be human.

If you didn’t know it yet, the stories we tell ourselves, and let in from the outside, absolutely shape the quality of our lives. Sufey’s stories are narratives worth inserting into your being.

Listen on to absorb:

  • What is needed to surrender into an abundant and flowing life
  • Why it’s not always about what you prefer, but about expanding the capacity to receive whatever life is bringing you
  • How our society is feminising men, and why we need more masculine men
  • Near the end, Sufey shares the greatest gift that any community (or village, as she says) can give to a woman (this is part of her never-before shared birth story, SO INSPIRING)

To learn more about HUMAN, Sufey’s beautiful course for women, a deep dive into the grounded beauty of muladarha charkra, launching on 01/01, visit

In her course, you will explore containment, birth, human bodies, nourishment, attachment parenting, developmental psychology, fear, famine, family life, magick, trust, provision, the masculine, rituals, starvation, sex, safety, predators, the psyche, burial, the bones, belief systems, coming home… and go on an intimate journey into the foundation of your being.

I’m honoured to share that I am an affiliate of Sufey’s course, HUMAN. At no extra cost to you, when you purchase this course you are supporting yourself, Sufey, and me all at the same time! There’s heaps of gorgeous and powerful information on the course page, at, so go there to feel if there is resonance for you.

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Links & Things from this Episode:

  • Sufey on Instagram –
  • Sufey’s course HUMAN –
  • How surrender led from not believing in marriage to having the best wedding ever
  • What is needed to surrender into an abundant and flowing life
  • “The universe is abundance. Everything is here”
  • Why it’s not always about what you prefer, but about expanding the capacity to receive whatever life is bringing you
  • “What it is is the true surrender, devotion, and commitment to that having of whatever it is that life, the cosmic cock, desires to seed in me. And I am an open and fertile receptacle to that divine penetration. And that’s a very vulnerable place to be.” -Sufey
  • Building capacity is a slow and delicious journey. We’re not meant to just have capacity immediately. It’s something we build within ourselves.
  • Why you are allowed to hold a compliment without immediately complimenting back
  • “As a plant, as a human, you grow and take in what is given to you and you grow. Through your growing, becoming, and blossoming, that’s how you give back to the earth and to the other, to your beloved, and to the village”
  • Increasing our capacity to store and release light energy
  • “It’s not just holding the ‘bad’, the uncomfortable, but also holding the beauty, the immense beauty, generosity, and abundance that is meant for us. All of that is building capacity.” -Sufey
  • To be able to contain the pleasure source in our bodies is one of the greatest pieces of nourishment we can ever give ourselves
  • Surrendering to the leadership of the King
  • Moving from the extreme masculine vision of success to rebalance into the feminine as a woman
  • How our society is feminising men, and why we need more masculine men
  • The Shadow King and The Light King
  • “They think I am betraying the feminine by submitting to a man because the feminine is meant to be in her fullness. But I am not smalling myself to submit to him…It’s in the fullness of my expression, radiance, and devotion that I surrender to him. I actually become bigger”
  • “You can never expect the other to go further than where you are able to go yourself.”
  • “Take it one step as a time, walk as a shadow king and shadow queen out into the fullness and effervescence of your true king and true queen”
  • The love story of Father sun and Mother earth
  • Sufey shares her wild birth story
  • What is the greatest gift any village can give to a woman?

Thank you for joining me for another week of the We Are Already Free podcast!

See you next week for the last episode of the year before I take a bit of a break.

Love ya


PS: check out Sufey’s new course, HUMAN, launching on 01/01

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