Embrace Your Inner Shadows: Shadow Work Prompts for Healing and Inner Peace #61


Have you ever felt frustrated and trapped by a place, person, or job? And you were certain that it was the fault of that place, person, or job! And, if you could change it, then everything would get better…

Yet, when you did change the job, relationship, or place…within a few weeks or months, you faced the same issues! You were overcome by a creeping sense of dread. It’s at this point that many of us throw our hands up and ask the classic question, “Why does this keep happening to me!?”

About Nathan Maingard

Nathan Maingard is a transformational guide, empowering wordsmith, and host of the ‘We Are Already Free’ podcast. He empowers down-to-earth seekers to transform their lives for the better. Nathan uses songs, stories, and tools to inspire others to live with joy and wonder.

Topics Covered in This Episode

  1. Why Shadow Work Matters: Discover why changing external factors doesn’t always solve our inner struggles and how shadow work can address the root causes.
  2. Personal Stories and Insights: Nathan’s journey from feeling lost to finding guidance and healing through shadow work.
  3. Practical Shadow Work Prompts: Learn simple and effective prompts to begin your shadow work journey and integrate your shadow parts.
  4. The Power of Breathwork: Explore the benefits of boundless breathwork as a tool for releasing trauma and integrating the shadow.
  5. Seeking Professional Help: Understand the importance of community and professional support in your shadow work journey.
  6. And Much More… Near the end, hear Nathan’s reflections on the interconnectedness of light and shadow and how embracing all parts of ourselves leads to true freedom.

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Disclaimer:This podcast is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Nathan Maingard

Nathan Maingard

Nathan Maingard is a wordsmith giving voice to those who feel isolated and lost in these times of mass delusion and dis-ease. A breathwork instructor, modern troubadour (empowering songs, poems & stories) and ILS pro coach, Nathan empowers down-to-earth seekers to be their authentic selves. In this way we can feel, heal, and grow a beautiful world together.


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