Pete Evans – speak your truth NOW…before it’s too late! #003

Have you ever struggled with speaking your truth? Even if you knew that you were denying your authentic self by staying quiet? Good news, that’s one of the many empowering topics we cover on this week’s episode with Pete Evans, where you’ll learn how Pete has navigated being cancelled as one of the top-selling authors and most popular celebrities in Australia…all for continuing to speak the truth he’s been speaking for much of his life.

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Some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • The healing power of getting sick
  • Pete on three decades without seeing a doctor
  • Pete on reliance on medical systems
  • How Pete has navigated speaking his truth despite threats and cancellations
  • Pete wondering where are the artists speaking out again tyranny and totalitarianism?
  • “The people who’ve trusted the system are going to get very angry’
  • Why Novak Djokovic has become He Who Shall Not Be Named in Australia after winning Wimbledon (this is a crazy story!)
  • On Being Right (and why it’s not a great thing to strive for)
  • Why this time is a chance for the collective Shadow to be seen
  • Pete on balancing sharing inspiration vs ‘the drama’
  • Why being truly sovereign means to be your authentic self
  • Why one of the best things you can do for the world is find your thing and do that thing
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to express yourself. “If you don’t stand up now, down the track you may not be able to. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.”
  • Pete on fame before covid vs after (and how fame is a symptom of sickness in our society)
  • On why we need to become self-reliant and how important it is to consider how well prepared your community is (not just your own resilience)
  • A beautiful message from Pete about why ‘We Are Already Free’!


Thank you for listening.

With love, Nathan

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Nathan Maingard

Nathan Maingard

Nathan Maingard is a wordsmith giving voice to those who feel isolated and lost in these times of mass delusion and dis-ease. A breathwork instructor, modern troubadour (empowering songs, poems & stories) and ILS pro coach, Nathan empowers down-to-earth seekers to be their authentic selves. In this way we can feel, heal, and grow a beautiful world together.


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