How to unlock happiness, health, and harmony with Noa Aon #60

Explore the transformative journey of Noa Aon to discover how integrating ancient wisdom with modern biohacking can help to overcome burnout, overwhelm and stuckness…leading to a balanced, fulfilling life of happiness, health, and harmony.

About Noa Aon (Pavel Stuchlik)

Pavel Stuchlik, also known as Noa Aon, is an expert in self-realization techniques, a conscious DJ/Producer, serial impact entrepreneur, and a certified Wim Hof instructor. After overcoming severe health challenges and burnout from his entrepreneurial ventures, Pavel turned to holistic wellness practices, including breathwork, darkness retreats, and biohacking. His unique approach blends ancient wisdom with modern technology to help individuals achieve personal freedom and holistic well-being.

Topics Covered

  1. Transformation Through Challenges: Pavel’s personal journey from professional cycling to holistic wellness.
  2. Darkness Retreats: The profound impact of spending time in complete darkness and its role in self-connection.
  3. Daily Practices for Balance: Integrating breathwork, meditation, and digital detoxes into everyday life.
  4. Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Tech: How Pavel uses biohacking and technology alongside traditional practices.
  5. The Triple H Effect: Cultivating happiness, health, and harmony through a structured approach.
  6. Support for Sensitive Individuals: Embracing sensitivity as a strength in personal and professional life.


System Reset Description

System Reset was created after decades of traveling and learning from some of the most sought out leaders of today’s world, and was inspired by a 10-day dark cave retreat with no physical food or light in Thailand by Jasmuheen. At that time, the name, NOA|AON and #noamovment was designed to combine ancient tools, modern technology, and cutting-edge science to give people tools to come back to their best self in all aspects. The goal was to change the way people socialize and learn. This led me to create interactive learning and immersive show experiences around the world, ranging from major music festivals to biohacking conferences. This is a true combination of the most powerful tools of today that anyone can do and see results, as long as they decide to do the work.


  • Have good quality headphones in a place you can express yourself
  • Can be done solo or in a group setting
  • Do not do in water or while driving


  • Promotes energy alertness
  • Reduces stress
  • Instant mood boost
  • Enhanced feelings of wellbeing
  • Burns calories
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Increases your dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins
  • Subliminal sound healing embedded from Source Vibrations


You can use this daily, weekly or month, it matters not, the key is, this proven method works whenever you’re looking to grow.


7 Minutes. Bonus: move directly into a deep state of meditation.

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[00:00:00] Nathan Maingard: Does this sound familiar? You wake up and reach for your phone before you've even fully opened your eyes. Next thing you know, you're scrolling through social media checking emails and the day has begun without a moment of personal connection or purposeful alignment. You're stuck in the rut of your life, just going through the motions feeling slowly, but surely more disconnected and overwhelmed each day.

[00:00:28] What if there was a way to break this cycle? To find a balance where happiness, health and harmony are part of your daily life. Well, today's episode is exactly where you need to be.

[00:00:39] Welcome to we are already free the podcast, helping down to earth seekers to release fear, find purpose, and reconnect with joy and wonder. I'm your host Nathan Maingard. And it's an honor to be here with you today.

[00:00:52] When you hear the words, we are already free, what comes up for you? Acceptance. The shift in awareness. Human beings are so powerful. That's so much more. Everything is love behind it. Breaking the chains of your own minds. That which remains. Nature. Getting out of the matrix. We're sitting on the treasure and it's already unlocked. We are already free. You're free. You are a walking map. Have always been free. You are always free. Already free. We are already free.

[00:01:19] Nathan Maingard: We have an incredible guest Paval Stuchlik, also known as Noa Aon, a husband and father who has transformed his life from burnout to thriving through a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern biohacking.

[00:01:32] Pavel's journey from a professional cyclist to a holistic wellness expert is nothing short of inspiring. He's mastered practices like darkness retreats, and breath work, integrating them into cutting edge wellness technology.

[00:01:46] In today's episode, we dive into Pavel's insights on how to reconnect with your true self and achieve a balanced, fulfilling life. You do not want to miss this journey towards unlocking happiness, health and harmony with Noah Aon.

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[00:02:47] Your bio is one of the coolest, craziest, most amazing bio I think I've ever seen. And it's inspiring for me as well. I'm in this place, and I have been in this journey of transformation for some years, but I'm struggling, man.

[00:02:58] Like, I'll be honest, I've been, I go up and I come down and I feel like I've learned so much and I'm taking care of myself. I'm doing ice baths and breath work and dah. and then I just, I lose it all again. I'm really interested in seeing how you have really transformed yourself so deeply that you can step out.

[00:03:14] 'cause the work that you're doing in the world is the work that I'm feeling called into. I know that I'm being called into as a leader and as a servant, one who leads and serves through leading. But it's a big role to take on. There's a lot of responsibility in that. There's a lot of energy to hold and to navigate and to make sure that it's in, in. In integrity and that it's aligned and it's not just another ego trip. And so you've obviously been through a huge amount that's allowed you to get to this place where you're kind of the leader of a movement around the world helping lots and lots of people to have happiness, health and harmony as you say. And so could you share how,how is it in this moment? And then we can go backwards into the journey as well. But like, how do you hold the kind of mag, the bigness of what it is that you're doing in the world right now?

[00:04:00] Pavel Stuchlik: Thank you. It's so interesting because I have never felt so grateful in my life as I feel today. And there is not a day that I don't thank for not having all the pain anymore. And,I came out of, like a two to three year. Brutal period where I just had to shave everything off.

[00:04:20] And so what's so amazing, like I never thought that this would be possible to begin with, and I wasn't worthy. I didn't feel the worth for myself enough that this could be possible. But yet I kept on going in and I kept on looking in. And the minute that the next obstacle showed up, I just knew that this is gonna be over one day.

[00:04:44] I. That was just like a part of me that, that. Believed in all of the books I've read and all of the people I've met and all of the, trainings I went through. Because, there was always piece of me was like, is this for real? Like, there's all these spiritual teachings that are telling you about love and about, about unity and about all of these concepts, which I love.

[00:05:06] But I didn't embody it and I didn't feel it until very recent. And so I truly think that we are on this brisk of a new moment, of a new era in our life. And I can't tell you enough. city to city, country to country. We go to, we find people that are like us, that are aligned, that are doing the work, that are sick and tired of, following the old societal norm.

[00:05:32] And it's just mesmerizing that like, we're doing this and you are doing this, all of us. Are doing this. And yes, there's gonna be, residual that we have to face that we have to go through. And, the first thing that came to me for you, Nathan, is I had a similar roadblock where I was already really healthy and, looking in, but it came out that it was a karmic issue that I went through.

[00:05:57] And, Then I did this so realignment thing with, with Tatum, who is my,one of my teachers that I work with on a weekly basis. And essentially she found a life like 16 lifetimes ago that I, caused all of these issues. I. That kept on coming back to this lifetime, and I could not find the choices that I made in this lifetime to pair up with the consequences that I'm seeing, right?

[00:06:23] Because life is about choices and consequences. And so I hit a roadblock, and it was with my former wife that it was the most prominent, and then I had these cycles. That every single, every once in a while I would have depression, low confidence. I would feel, doubts like, what am I doing? Why am I doing this?

[00:06:43] Am I really truly the one that's meant to be doing this? and the same set of like emotional, mental, physical patterns would show up at the same or similar times. And when I clear this, it literally was gone. So sometimes things are on the energetic or all the time they start with the energetic and and then they also go back in lifetimes that we don't have the conscious memory of, today.

[00:07:09] Nathan Maingard: Yeah, that's, in some ways it's reassuring and it's also like, oh, what, there's even past lives I have to deal with this. Life is enough to deal with. you've done some pretty crazy, I'll say crazy, but very courageous. I'll put it more that way, but very out there by our society standards, things like, one of the things you've done is that you did 40 days in total darkness with no food, and I. I. can't even imagine what that would've been like. But I'm curious, how did that impact your perspectives, on personal transformation, on leadership, on the work that you're doing now?

[00:07:39] Pavel Stuchlik: Yeah, it transformed my whole life, 360. And, so the first time I went was about eight years ago. And I, back then I was a, busy entrepreneur and wanting to,build all of these Orange Theory Fitness locations, which is a, group, personalized fitness that I was heavily involved in.

[00:07:58] And so I had all of these like, goals and how I'm gonna scale this. and yet I was. Burned out, tired and unhappy with. doing what I was doing. So I went into Thailand and essentially met Jas Mohin, who is, Breatharian. she's solely nourished by Prana for the past 25 years, and I was so intrigued by the reset of it, the 10 days, that I essentially, gave my cell phone away, I dropped into my room and and then, there I was. And,at first it was pretty brutal up until about day seven because of your monkey brain. It just like doesn't shut up. It's not the food that you're not eating, it's really the emotional and mental attachments that we are obsessed by in a lot of ways.

[00:08:45] And,I think it was like day five, I start dreaming of lamb chops. I like literally could not put lamb chops out of my sight. And I was like, stop following me. go away. it was, it was hilarious but also annoying. And, she literally has to teach you these meditations on how to.

[00:09:02] How to turn off the lights because you see so much lights 'cause your pineal gland clears out and so your DMTs just start massively, pumping into your brain. And so day seven. I start crying and crying, and I went into this complete state of bliss. And, for the first time in my life, I have touched myself for who I am, not for what I'm being told and not for who I'm not.

[00:09:27] And in that moment, I just, it, I got this realization. and that's by the way, where Noah Aon came about. Noah means movement. Aon is all or none, and it symbolizes duality. I played my whole life ping pong, highs and lows and good days and bad days, and I was so sick and tired of these, up and downs that I knew there is another way.

[00:09:48] And that's in the center that's coming back into that happiness, health and harmony. And I walked out of there and the message was clear, sell whatever you've got, learn how to dj, learn how to produce music. because that was my passion and I wanted to, follow that. then by then I, I was about maybe, five, eight years in of, putting myself through these experiences. And so the message was, you gotta share this. So that's what, Later on we started doing workshops, retreats, immersive experiences that we're doing today. And the legacy was, how do I make means with, this movement with, living in service And this is where I've really failed, within two years, I lost everything. All of the, means that I made up Until then, it was completely stripped away. And that was my former wife. That was my former business partnerships, ideas of life, thoughts. Every single thing was completely stripped down to zero.

[00:10:52] And it was integrity thing.

[00:10:54] You, you mentioned at the beginning, I wasn't fully integrated in what I was saying. And so long story short, darkroom is fricking monster. It's the most powerful thing to me that I've ever done because it's so healing, and I'm going again next month.

[00:11:12] Nathan Maingard: Wow. How long are you going for?

[00:11:15] Pavel Stuchlik: so it's the fifth time, 10 days. So it's always,same timeframe.

[00:11:19] And, and essentially it became my yearly reset. So it's for me when I drop in, rejuvenate, and get more insights for the following year.

[00:11:28] Nathan Maingard: Amazing. Yeah, there's actually a darkness retreat, although I think you do eat so that, 'cause that would be a slightly different intense experience, but there's a darkness retreat that's opened up in, in South Africa. And actually I had a darkness retreat facilitator Scott Berman, who does the Sky Cave retreats in America. He was on the podcast a while ago, and it just, it has, it's calling me for sure. It's like, yeah, there's so much fear around it, but I think that's I, so much of who I am or who I think I am is associated around the things I do or the things I don't do, et cetera, et cetera. And I realized like I really would like to give myself a chance to let that all go.

[00:12:01] And actually just when I cannot, when I can't do anything, when there's nothing that I can actually do to distract myself from just being with myself, what, what's gonna come out, I'm very interested to experience that. So yeah, we'll see how that goes.

[00:12:16] Pavel Stuchlik: No, absolutely. It's, I call it the process of unhooking, by the way, because if we don't unhook ourselves from this world in a si in a cyclical way, I. Then we're constantly living somebody else's life, somebody else's dreams and somebody else's agenda. Now, this might not apply, to you, but a traditional person, let's say in a marriage, or in, that has a kids and family, they're bounded or hooked into that particular lifestyle because everything around them keeps on pulling them and steering them from,from that pathway.

[00:12:48] Now what I mean by this process of unhooking is that basically once a day, the first hour of the day, I actually just did it before our call. I spend time with just myself. I do my breath work, meditation, morning routine. I visualize the day to know what's coming, how do I wanna show up, and I use it as a golden hour to be just with myself, just with my thoughts.

[00:13:11] Once a week, I spend full day completely on my own, unhooked from everybody from the digital world. I fast, I digitally fast. so that way again, I can retract back into the inner world 'cause everything starts from inside out and most people live outside in.

[00:13:28] And, then essentially. Once a month, I spend four days completely off, which, which,if you've ever been to a vacation from the busy schedule, it takes about three days for the nervous system just to chill because we constantly wanna be on our phone and do from the active life that we live. Then once a year, I spend 10 days in darkness, and then it's usually 10 to 15 days completely unhooked from the world.

[00:13:54] So that way I can realign, where am I going, what is happening and who am I becoming in this process? And in this way, I don't lose myself in the doing in this societal norm. And what I've noticed, the first time I went to a dark room, I was completely lost in the societal norm. You know what I mean?

[00:14:12] So basically when the first time I did that, I changed my life 360. But in the second, third, fourth time, it was just a minor adjustments. Minor tweaks, because I was going on that same path. And that's really what silence and quiet and pause or unhooking will do for your life.

[00:14:31] Nathan Maingard: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I have a question that comes up for me is like. How would that work for a family person? someone who is a husband or a wife and has children and like how does that tie into functioning in a family or in a community setting to take that much time for oneself?

[00:14:48] I'm curious to hear your thoughts on that.

[00:14:50] Pavel Stuchlik: That oneself becomes way greater self than ever before. So that's something that, number one, what's important is that when you do this, you obviously you have to have a partner that, that understands this, right? So I'm fortunate enough to have, a magical wife that understands that if I don't do it, I am not the person that she wants to be around to begin with.

[00:15:11] And so once she sees the difference of when I have this time, and by the way, she needs the same, right? So it's, it goes both ways. And it's also about just the very strong, boundaries and setting up a non-negotiables because we are living our life, not anybody else's life, right?

[00:15:27] We are complete on the inside and we can then share it on the outside, but without the completion of who and what we are. and deciding who and what we are, because it's all about those choices. We are constantly gonna be wishing one day that our dreams are fulfilled instead of living the dreams every single day.

[00:15:47] And so that's literally what I'm doing today. Like if you were to ask me what would I change? Like I'm exactly living the life that I'm choosing to live and I'm so fluttered by it. And we even say with my wife constantly because we're little living a dream and from this place of gratitude. From this place of, just appreciation for what we were able to do because we also know and see how hard it was to get here.

[00:16:11] 'cause it wasn't a, it was a very, Hard rodeo to, to shave off all of this. But now, it's worth it every time. And, I have three kids, and a wife,they all know, I sometimes even include them. I sometimes tell them what, you do that as well and this is what it's for. So they way they also understand how important their energy is. I also teach them how to claim their energy.

[00:16:33] So it's so funny, actually, we went to, We went to a, it was like a, one of those jumping trampoline places this weekend with my kiddos and literally my little son that's seven years old, he comes to me like, as I'm sitting and he's like, dad, don't forget to put pyramid around you, there is a lot of people. And so like, my kid is telling me to put a pyramid around my field to protect my energy from all the people that we're surrounded with. So it becomes a lifestyle,

[00:17:01] Nathan Maingard: I love that. That's so cool, man. Thank you for sharing that story. I think for a lot of people there's this idea that, oh, this guy must be single and young and just having fun and he doesn't have all these responsibilities, but here you are, father, husband, and you're still operating at a level that is just incredible.

[00:17:16] the next question I have is about this way that you bring together these different things, integrating the ancient wisdoms, but also modern science and modern technology. as a DJ you're using very modern technology and I'm curious how you balance these, what could almost be contrasting or non-inclusive, different styles of approaching the world, how can you integrate them? And there's just an extra piece here for me. One of the things that I wrestle with is how our whole society is built a bit, speaking of a pyramid, like a pyramid. So that for me to be able to be talking to you on a computer right now, they have to be slaves in the Congo who are mining lithium ion batteries. And by the same token, any of our devices, it's all been extractive. It's all been taken from the earth in ways that is causing massive harm. And in fact, like for us to fly across the world, there has to be someone who's willing to work as the guy in front of the airplane, getting paid minimum wage to help us out there.

[00:18:11] and there, there seems to be this inequality built into the system as it is right now. Even though we may be doing breath work and dancing and feeling bliss and having a good time, and yay, life is beautiful, but it's built on the backs of those who have to work. And I live in South Africa, so I see it every day.

[00:18:27] That sort of my life is built on having... that there are people who work on the roads who get paid, they'll make in a month what I could make in a day or even, bigger differences. And yeah. I'm just curious for your thoughts of bringing together these ancient wisdom modern technologies and how to balance those inequalities that are intrinsic in the system we live in.

[00:18:46] Pavel Stuchlik: It's so funny 'cause you, when it comes to inequalities. This is something that I've struggled with my entire business career. I've always felt so unright, that, there's me, right? That's like leading this up and then everybody else is having, whatever fee. But it's at the same time when I spend too much time in, in, in this, in, in worrying this, it always led back to consciousness expansion. And this is by the way, why, you know now when I'm deciding like, how do I spend time and what projects do I take, I constantly choose whatever will expand the consciousness to the furthest way is going to make the shift that we're seeking in this world.

[00:19:27] Because what I've noticed, everybody is. Born in a perfect situation. So as imperfect, as hard as it sometimes might seem, these souls have pre, have chosen this prior to coming into this earth to learn through this and to learn through this speci, specific way. And As much as it's really not, Okay, in the way our society works, it's also by design as part of the evolution that we are all, unfolding.

[00:19:55] Now more people that are woke from the places that are actually fortunate enough, to be able to come to these, sessions and workshops. More people start thinking different.

[00:20:07] And I'll tell you, I'll give you an example. I work a lot with CEOs and organizations, billionaires, like really, top level people, which I actually, I didn't want to at first. Like my whole thing was about being, being inclusive to anyone. but what I've noticed is that one person that maybe have thousands of employees will then slowly start making these shifts towards everyone and will also start thinking differently.

[00:20:33] So it triggers that whole sequence for everyone. And so I truly believe in the next 10 years, we're gonna see some major shifts. We've already seen it. if you think about before Covid and after Covid, how much more people are open to learn, to educate, to even meditate, to understand that like, that's the portion of our life.

[00:20:52] Like that's, that was, 10 years ago, unheard of. Like, I used to hide, my meditations from people because I would be the weird one that's, what the hell are you doing? but now it's gonna be a new societal norm. Like, what do you mean you don't do ice baths? You're not, consciously evolving your physical body and you're not here for, health span?

[00:21:10] And so you know, this is all happening right now and it's so beautiful to see that and. What I've also noticed a lot of times when people are in distressed situations, there is not really time for them yet to seek,spirituality because until they, we help fulfill their basic needs, it's gonna be a really secondary, thought.

[00:21:33] Now, at the same time though, it shouldn't be because I can tell you this, I was, wealthy and I was also completely broke. And I, when I lost. Everything, all of my accounts were frozen. Like literally, I woke up one day, I've got two kids and I was fasting for days at a time to feed them, because how bad our finances got in that stage.

[00:21:53] And what saved me was my breath. What saved me was my, mental agility for that there is going to be a better time ahead of us. If I look at this, not from a place of, victimhood, but rather what is this teaching me? What is this showing me?

[00:22:10] And this really led me that we're living in these cycles. We've got a microcycles that everyone is responsible for. That's our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies through which we have a sequence of thoughts, emotions, and different physical, health issues that might come up because of, coming from the spiritual. But I call this the me, the individual consciousness that everybody can affect in their own hands.

[00:22:37] Then you've got the we, which is the collective consciousness. And this is when you start getting into the groups of people, right? Like as much as we are one, we're also of a whole group. Let's say it's a city, let's say it's a organization, we then combine our energies in one. And that's a more of a macro cycle or a little bit, mid cycle, so to speak. And then we go through lessons as a whole, right? As a country. Country goes through different repairment at a time.

[00:23:04] And then you've got the Be, which I call the super consciousness, and it's part of this model Me We be, which I teach. It's on the process of the journey through self transformation. And when you look at the Be, it's the super consciousness. And the best way to explain this is, if the universe was created. 13.5 billion years ago, how did we get here? we're such a little drop of a dot in this vast ocean, but yet each and every drop affects the ocean.

[00:23:34] Does that make sense?

[00:23:34] So then we have all of these other cycles, like, there could be a meteorites. They could be, ice Age, right? Like there are things that we like rarely can, do something about because we are off this bigger thing and universe keeps on zooming out and zooming out, right?

[00:23:49] Then you can look at it from universes, then you can look at it from Star Systems. And I don't even go there because that's not something we're meant to comprehend, with our limited mind.

[00:23:57] And so to answer your question in simplicity, I go back into: what can I do? What can I do on every single day? What are my decisions? What are my choices? What are my thoughts? How do I affect these other people?

[00:24:10] And through gratitude, through meditation, I actually, I do this gratitude for the people that pick up our trash for the people that you know are doing all of this service. Because we must bring this massive gratitude so they are supported just like we are in their own way, in their own time, in their perfect place.

[00:24:27] But, totally hear you and struggle with it myself, but the only person that can change it is ourselves within the environment that we are exposed to.

[00:24:39] Nathan Maingard: Yeah, it's an interesting one. There's the like, if we focus or if I continue to focus on what is wrong or what is what I, what's out there? It's the same thing. It's then I'm giving my energy away to things that I actually can't control directly. I can't go and, make every street sweeper different.

[00:24:54] And that's also an arrogance to think that I would know what they need more than what they've already got. And that's, also something in that. And I see, sometimes I'll meet someone who's working in an environment where I would think, oh, that'd be difficult. They're at a little corner shop cafe working behind the counter. And yet something about them is just so alight and they're so present and so joyful. and I'm reminded that actually there is always a choice. The freedom is the choice,to say this is my life and I choose this life. And to be in, in Joy with that. So yeah, that comes up for me for sure. I am curious because you also then talk about, you've got your Triple H effect, your happiness, health, and harmony, and so how can anyone listening to this, especially those who are called forward in this time, which many of my listeners are, empaths, highly sensitive people who are really, who never fitted into the society because we've always been too sensitive for it to be able to completely buy the story of our modern society. And so these people now are being called forward to be these transformational leaders. How can these people cultivate this in their lives, especially in challenging times? Like you were saying, when the money's running out and there's two kids to feed, et cetera, how can you nourish and nurture happiness, health and harmony?

[00:26:12] Pavel Stuchlik: So life gives us constant feedback. We have a neurofeedback, we have biofeedback, but we also have a life feedback or whatever we call this. Now there is no better feedback than your current, present life that constantly shows you back what you are resonating, what you are reflecting and based on what it's showing you, is the things that you have to face. So that way you can be a greater leader.

[00:26:37] Now, in this process, I use a four step process to face these different cycles because without us, so let's say that, let's say that, I was, so right after the first time I went to darkroom. I went all into spirituality, right? Like I went from this like societal norm all the way to just being spiritual and denying money, right?

[00:26:58] Like what I started doing was like, I don't want it, like, I don't want this evil and all of that. and in a lot of spiritual communities, this is what happens. We cause this effect that money is evil. Money or abundance is evil. and people with money are evil. But we came here to experience abundance, health, happiness, health, love on every single level. And we did not come here to learn from the gutter.

[00:27:22] And it's actually funny because the people that are at these highest rankings, they're actually very evolved. in, in a lot of ways, and they understand the power of control. They understand the power of deception. Because if you look at it, one of the biggest things you have to look at is what is true love and what is deception? And by the way, the question I always ask, what would love do now, whenever I'm deciding, because through questioning, you're gonna receive, answers.

[00:27:49] Now, let's go into this phases. So step one, there is this wake up phase where you bring up to the surface those things that don't work. Now, I apply this exactly to the me we be model.

[00:28:01] And so if you wanna do just a quick self-assessment, zero to 10, zero, you are at the lowest 10. You are at your best, and you what I usually do, and I do this on my weekly basis, by the way, in my process of unhooking. so step one, you simply look at your physical health. So where is your body? Zero to 10. how's your sleep? How's your nutrition? How's your diet? how's your energy? some of the most prominent things, just ask your body. Give me a number. When you get the number, write it down.

[00:28:29] Then move into your mind. Mind is the mental thoughts. Now, I used to think I wasn't good enough. I can't, I won't. I had all of this negative Nelly inside of my head, and when I'm talking about mind, I'm talking about that egoic part, which we all need, right? Some people call it monkey brain, small self, many different terms. It's the survival mechanism that learns from the past and projects into the future.

[00:28:55] Now that is programmable. Which is a good thing. And if your mind constantly thinks something negative about you and about another, write those thoughts down, I literally, this is what I did. I wrote them down, I scratch it, and I rewrote them. Just like if I was writing a new software or new music, new song.

[00:29:15] Now, mind is the software, body is the hardware. Whatever software does, body follows. And that's what Mind Body Connection means, is that we directly receive a response. Through maybe little shakes, maybe there is a, there is a little twitches inches. Like there's gonna be a vivid feedback when you start speaking to your body.

[00:29:35] The best way to, to test this, just keep on saying to your body how much you love it, just like literally look at yourself and just like, love you. I love you, my body, and thank you. And thank you until you literally start feeling little flutters, little bit of energy. it will eventually happen even if you are really disconnected. So mind is the second one, zero to 10, based on what your mental state is. And just write down the number so you know where you at.

[00:29:59] The next one is emotions. Emotions is what makes this life feel real. And, if we have constantly, jealousy, fear, apathy. Apathy is the lowest state of emotions. It's the scariest one to be in, because that's when we don't care. But it also goes for fear. It goes for just the whole sequence of emotions that we have. Now, if any of them are negative, work with them, you gotta look in what caused them. And this is really looking back in traumas. Forgiving yourself. Accepting yourself. I had to do so much of this because I was so hard on myself and I believe so many of us are. If we don't wake up on time, if we don't do this regimen thing, it's the old patriarchal way of doing things. that systematic approach. We must bring more of that joy, playfulness, and excitement, for all of that feminine side so we can balance it out. So third one is emotions. Just zero to 10 rate your emotions.

[00:30:55] And then the fourth one is your spiritual body. Some people call it the higher self, the realize self. I like to call it the original source energy that gives you life when you're born, that feeds the life when you are alive, and that will go back to oneness when we die. And this communicates with the psychics and it communicates with us with four ways. There is inner hearing, which is the little whispers, that's not the loud monkey brain. It's the whispers telling you, you know, stop drinking alcohol, start working out, read a book. It's the little whispers that always have your back.

[00:31:31] Then you've got your inner seeing. This is people that are the visionaries of the world. psychics that are really, see things before they happen or in, lucid dreaming. We a lot of times get a little dump of information. some people also see colors. So that's your inner seeing.

[00:31:46] Then you've got your inner knowing, which is your intuition. And I always like to say, when you think, you don't know when you don't think, which allows you to know when you're going to, when things happen or you knew you shouldn't have gotten to the party. it's in your bones. It's your intuitive self speaking out loud.

[00:32:08] And then you've got your inner feeling, which is the empaths of the world that comes from your solar plexus. It extends into your hands.

[00:32:15] And essentially these four, Ways of communicating through our higher self can be strengthened if we just acknowledge it. So thank you, I heard that. Thank you, I saw that.

[00:32:25] And the key is, what you're gonna do about that, because I also used to not believe in this, but then that voice start becoming louder and louder, and then it integrated with my monkey brain. And that's what people mean by embodying enlightenment, the enlightened part of us that's already enlightened in our physical daily routines that we are embarking on. And so zero to 10 your spiritual body, how's your connection? How are these senses?

[00:32:54] And, then we move into the we. So that's your relationships. So quickly just, ask yourself, what are the top five people I spend the most time with? Maybe you can even imagine them surrounding look, looking at you from, from the side. And then just ask, are they bringing the best of me and am I bringing the best of them? Or is there any tweaks that I have to make or do I need to replace them? 'cause I had to replace a lot of these relationships as well. And zero to 10 quality of your relationships.

[00:33:24] And then, environment. So zero to 10. And when I'm talking about environment, it's the quality. Your water quality, air quality, paint. Is there mold in your house? What clothes are you wearing? Everything from the outside that affects the inside. And just put zero to 10.

[00:33:41] Now, the final one in this is your career. I call it the life mission or purpose or legacy, whatever you call it. You know how fulfilled, satisfied, how much on your purpose are you truly feeling? And also how much are you receiving, right? Because you're supposed to receive a very good chunk of income when you are fully aligned.

[00:34:03] And that's what happened for me. at first I went totally broke. I was tired. I was like, what is this spiritual thing? Like, this is ridiculous. But then, I finally faced these things. I looked into my mind, body, emotions, relationships, and then I shaved the ones that didn't work. And this is why that first wake up phase is so important, so you bring it up to the surface.

[00:34:27] The second phase is cleaning up. So this is when you let go of the negative thoughts, let go of the negative people. You detox your body so that way you can power up, which is the third phase. And this is when you go into offense. This is when you supplement, let's say vitamins if you were deficient on your body. This is when you bring new relationships, new ideas, new thoughts. You go into offense, you take charge of this life.

[00:34:51] And then the final phase is resting up. Which is essentially the time that you take time with yourself. And, I said it at the beginning, the process of unhooking, the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, reassessment, re drop-ins.

[00:35:06] And one thing that's important to know, we're, I'm not master at anything. The minute that we think we've mastered something, the whole next sequence of things will come. And so I master at Welcoming Change, welcoming situations because now I know to look in, not look out. And when you look in, it will lift up to the new greatest version that you've ever had about yourself.

[00:35:30] And when you keep on rising this, the bar goes really high. And that's why we're with my wife, like, oh my gosh, like how high is this gonna like go? This is like amazing. But as you can see, like we were, we don't even until today feel like, is this like for real,

[00:35:45] you know?

[00:35:46] Nathan Maingard: yeah, yeah. I hear you man. That's beautiful. I love just hearing your passion as well and can feel the sincerity and the authenticity of what you're sharing it. It really means a lot to hear and and I'm sure that anyone listening is getting a lot out of this as well.

[00:35:59] we've covered some really good ground here and I think the main thing I wanna ask is that if someone wants to take the next step, because people listening could be in many different places in their lives right now, so I suppose where would they find you?

[00:36:12] What is it that you're doing? What is a good starting point to engage more with the work that you're doing in the world? And yeah, just anything you'd wanna share with someone who wants to take that next step in their own lives.

[00:36:22] Pavel Stuchlik: Yes, absolutely. so what we'll do, we'll gift everyone an on-demand library access. So if you look at what we do, we've got a digital, courses and on-demand library. We use the on-demand library as a recap for all of our events. So we always give people access to it so that way they can actually do daily drops.

[00:36:39] And what I would like to ask from your audience is: can you commit the next 30 days, you spend the first hour of your day, the golden hour, with yourself? And maybe you listen to any of these recordings and maybe you just do your own practice. That's whatever, ultimately it's whatever you feel called to, 'cause that's your path.

[00:36:58] And, and then we'll send a link in a, in the description, so that way you'll have the, access to that. And then when it comes to events, so we do about a hundred to hundred 50 events a year, all across the world from retreats, workshops, immersive experiences. And essentially, we do this for one big mission and that is to unify the world one person at a time through these tools.

[00:37:22] And, essentially then we've got our e-commerce platform. it's for consciousness expansion. So all of our products are to help consciousness expansion, and that's when we mingle technologies to help us get into a present moment in this, fast-paced life. And we'll share all of that.

[00:37:39] And our website is noa, N-O-A-A-O

[00:37:45] Nathan Maingard: thank you, brother. yeah, I just love the work you're doing. And the final question, which I love to ask everybody is when you hear the words, we are already free, what does that bring up for you?

[00:37:55] Pavel Stuchlik: it brings up a real life situation. It brings up like,I think we discussed this a little bit, like when we go into events in, in, in any city, any country, I. People are realizing their powers, people are rising. And so it's the most magical time to be alive and I think that's why all of our souls have chosen to, to come here because it's such a crazy shift.

[00:38:19] Because if you look 200 years ago, I mean we were savages. Like, literally like, like it's crazy if you just, or a hundred years ago, like World War ii, like it's unbelievable. Like what we were able to do back then, like, like majority of the world would not bound to this anymore. And so it's a huge leap and we are free.

[00:38:40] Nathan Maingard: thank you for the work that you're doing, Pavel, and yeah, I just really appreciate your invitation through the embodiment of your own practices and your own work and the service that you're doing in the world now. That the invitation is to me and to all of us to continue going inward and so that we can be of service on the outside.

[00:38:57] So again, thank you so much for coming and we are already free. I wish you well and I hope to welcome you back again sometime soon.

[00:39:04] Pavel Stuchlik: Thank you so much also for what you're doing on behalf of everyone.

[00:39:08] Nathan Maingard: Thank you for joining us for today's episode of we are already free. I hope you found this much inspiration and practical insight as I did from my chat with Pavel Stuchlik, also known as Noah Aon.

[00:39:20] We've explored how integrating ancient wisdom with modern biohacking can lead us to a life of happiness, health and harmony.

[00:39:28] Remember, pavel's journey shows us the power we each have to heal and transform. A powerful reminder of the importance of holistic wellness practices, like breath work and darkness retreats, in transforming our lives. He's reminded us that starting our day with intention and connection with our true selves can make a massive difference.

[00:39:48] Now imagine for a moment that you've created something incredibly important and precious to you. You've poured countless hours of love, sweat, tears, and passion into this creation. Maybe it's a poem or a song or a painting, or even a podcast episode. You wake up one day and, after your morning practice, of course you check your emails and, oh my gosh, there's a new message that blows your heart wide open.

[00:40:12] Someone has taken the time to write you a personal thank you for your creation. Suddenly you feel deeply seen and the love overflows from your heart. All that hard work, all that unseen effort has gone out into the world and changed someone's life for the better. And they've taken the time to say thank you.

[00:40:30] Why am I telling you this story? Because I would love you to take the next minute to write me a podcast review on apple podcasts. It takes such a short moment of your time, but it has the massive impact of breaking my heart wide open and reminding me that I'm not the only one who finds infinite value in these vulnerable chats. Your words not only encourage me, but also help others to discover the show.

[00:40:52] So please head over to to get started or check the show notes. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. Stay connected, stay inspired. And please remember we are already free.

Nathan Maingard

Nathan Maingard

Nathan Maingard is a wordsmith giving voice to those who feel isolated and lost in these times of mass delusion and dis-ease. A breathwork instructor, modern troubadour (empowering songs, poems & stories) and ILS pro coach, Nathan empowers down-to-earth seekers to be their authentic selves. In this way we can feel, heal, and grow a beautiful world together.


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