Feeling out of place in the mainstream? How to find a tribe where you truly belong | BONUS


Do you feel like you don’t fit into the mould of mainstream society? Like you’re constantly misunderstood or out of place? In today’s short but powerful bonus episode, Nathan Maingard shares a deeply personal story of bullying and isolation, how he ultimately found his true tribe and, most importantly: how you can find yours!

If you’ve ever felt like a mainstream misfit, this episode will resonate with you and inspire you to embrace your true self. Discover how you can join a supportive community that understands you and celebrates your uniqueness.

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About Nathan Maingard

Nathan Maingard is a transformational guide, empowering wordsmith, and host of the “We Are Already Free” podcast. With a background in medicine music and personal growth, Nathan creates spaces where people can connect authentically, embrace their uniqueness, and grow together. His work focuses on empowering mainstream misfits to tackle their toughest challenges, foster personal growth, and create positive ripple effects in their lives and communities.

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Nathan Maingard

Nathan Maingard

Nathan Maingard is a wordsmith giving voice to those who feel isolated and lost in these times of mass delusion and dis-ease. A breathwork instructor, modern troubadour (empowering songs, poems & stories) and ILS pro coach, Nathan empowers down-to-earth seekers to be their authentic selves. In this way we can feel, heal, and grow a beautiful world together.


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