Have you been feeling heavy with all the intensity going on in the world today? Good news! That’s what we’ll help you with on this week’s episode with Lily Zepeda, where you’ll receive a big fat injection of laughter, joy, and deeply healing, rooted humour.

Lily Zepeda is a certified trauma-informed yoga instructor & Plant Medicine Integration specialist with over 10 years of experience leading workshops, retreats and working with Master Coaches. She combines her training at the Ecology of Shamanism school with her experience in inner-child work, Somatics and Polyvagal Theory Foundations. Lily specializes in helping others to inner-stand their bodies, nervous system regulation and sacred medicine healing journeys. She believes that plant medicine’s profound healing experiences do not end with the ceremony, and her integration coaching allows clients to unify the visions, messages, and epiphanies from the experience into their day-to-day life.

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Time Stamps:

06:14 What the world would be like if people took themselves less seriously

07:51 Humour as a way to stay in touch with the inner child

08:42 Making the ordinary extraordinary with playfullness

11:48 Zoom out to get perspective

12:08 How Nathan won partner of the week

13:42 Using humour to change the world – How Lily made the documentary Mr Toilet, the number two man

19:48 How the last few years have impacted Lily and what she thinks is going on now

21:37 How the lockdowns helped true colours to be seen

26:37 Yes, the gaslighting is real

28:37 The things we CAN do

30:22 Why it’s so important to care for the temple of your heart

31:17 Sharing about the intimate and powerful plant medicine immersion retreats Lily hosts

35:37 Why integration is the missing piece for so many retreats, plant medicine journeys and transformational experiences

38:39 Why it’s so hard to integrate transformational experiences in certain places

44:28 Why severe anxiety might actually be the inner child asking for attention

46:37 How to BE a creator in a world of job titles

47:37 Why it’s so important to balance the masculine and feminine approaches to the things we do

50:05 How Nathan insecurities have driven his DOING…and how ice baths are teaching him what BEING feels like

56:17 Why the ‘story of aloneness’ is a crap story

58:54 A reminder that the hero’s journey is about sharing the gifts with others by embodying them

1:01:14 Why it’s normal to resist the call to transformation

1:02:25 Why We Are Already Free has become so important to Lily over the last few years

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast episode!

Thanks again to Lily Zepeda, and see you next week

With love



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