How to Use Spirituality to overcome $500k in Debt with Dan Harrison #62


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by financial struggles and seeking a path to freedom, this episode is for you. Join us as Dan Harrison shares his incredible journey from $500,000 debt to financial and spiritual success, offering invaluable insights and actionable steps to reclaim your financial freedom and live a more fulfilling life.

Who is Dan Harrison?

Dan Harrison is a former CFP turned course creator and business mentor to wellness experts and health professionals. He specialises in authentic selling, relationship-based marketing, and transformational leadership. After a successful career as a top-producing financial advisor, Dan founded The Soulful Sales Company in 2019. He is dedicated to helping practitioners and coaches build thriving online businesses by integrating spiritual practices with practical financial strategies.

What Dan Harrison Shares:

  1. How Dan Harrison Overcame $500k Debt Through Spirituality and Resilience: Discover the powerful blend of financial strategies and spiritual growth that helped Dan turn his life around.
  2. Why Embracing a Growth Mindset is Key to Financial Freedom: Learn how shifting from a fixed to a growth mindset can transform your financial struggles into opportunities for success.
  3. What You Need to Know About Integrating Spirituality and Practicality: Uncover the secrets to merging deep spiritual practices with everyday financial decisions for holistic well-being.
  4. How to Build Financial Stability Without Sacrificing Your Soul: Find out how Dan navigated the corporate world and debt crisis to create a life of purpose, authenticity, and financial security.
  5. The Critical Mindset Shift Every Coach, Healer, and Conscious Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed: Understand the importance of transitioning from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial one to prevent burnout and achieve sustainable success.

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[00:00:00] **Nathan Maingard:** Imagine for a moment that you wake up in the morning and your sleepiness evaporates as you remember that the bank account is running dry or even worse, the credit cards are all drained. You roll over with a heavy groan, feeling as though the blankets weigh as much as a block of metal pressing down on your body. Another day begins facing the overwhelm of financial struggles. Even though you want to serve people doing meaningful work, that seems further away than ever. If this sounds at all familiar, please know that you're not alone.

[00:00:39] Many of us have faced the daunting challenge of making ends meet, unsure how to break free from the cycle of debt and financial stress. Imagine for a moment being $500,000 in debt. Seems impossible, right? Or maybe not so impossible, unfortunately. But what if I told you that there's a way to overcome even the most massive financial hurdles?

[00:01:01] Not just through hard work, which I know you already do, but through a transformative journey of spirituality and resilience. Listen on because you're in the right place.

[00:01:12] Welcome to, we Are Already Free, the podcast Helping down to earth seekers to release fear, overcome self-doubt, and step back into the wonder and joy of a purposeful life where we remember that we are already free. I am your host Nathan Maingard, and it is a pleasure and an honor to be here with you today.

[00:01:31] When you hear the words, we are already free, what comes up for you? Acceptance. The shift in awareness. Human beings are so powerful. That's so much more. Everything is love behind it. Breaking the chains of your own minds. That which remains. Nature. Getting out of the matrix. We're sitting on the treasure and it's already unlocked. We are already free. You're free. You are a walking map. Have always been free. You are always free. Already free. We are already free.

[00:01:58] **Nathan Maingard:** In today's episode, I'm delighted to introduce you to Dan Harrison, who found himself buried in half a million dollars of debt in his early twenties. Dan's story is amazing because he didn't just claw his way out. He transformed his entire life. Blending practical financial strategies with deep spiritual growth. His story is a Testament to the power of faith, determination and personal evolution.

[00:02:24] Join us as Dan shares his incredible journey from despair to success, offering valuable insights and actionable steps for all of us conscious misfits who seek to reclaim our financial freedom and live a more fulfilling life. Stay tuned because this episode could be the turning point you've been waiting for. Listen on to discover how Dan Harrison overcame 500 K in debt through spirituality and resilience. Why embracing a growth mindset is key to financial freedom. What you need to know about integrating spirituality and practicality, how to build financial stability without sacrificing your soul. Why faith is an essential tool for personal transformation. And near the end, the unexpected and critical mindset shift every coach, healer, and conscious entrepreneur needs to succeed.

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[00:04:00] Someone has told me that like that you're my doppelganger before, I thought was really funny.

[00:04:04] **Dan Harrison:** Totally. I could see it.

[00:04:09] **Nathan Maingard:** People, anyone who sees this video be like, what is happening right now? So I, I kind of wanna dive right into the, to the darkness with you, if that's okay, because your story is one that is. Ins, like to me is massively inspiring. This idea of coming from a place of being in $500,000 worth of debt, which as a South African, I mean, I know that's a huge amount of money anyway, but multiply that by 20 in South Africa and we're kind of like, how is this possible?

[00:04:35] And, and how do you come through something like that. So I'd love to hear, what, what was that feeling like when you were in that space? Like, how dark did it get and what, what did you use to keep going because. That's just incredible to me.

[00:04:49] **Dan Harrison:** Yeah. I mean, such a wild story with it's,like a decade long story. 'cause it took a long ass time to get out of, of that hole. And, but like initially, I was like full of hope. Piss and vinegar, inspiration, thinking that I could, build like a, basically also like really focused on like money,like probably a lot of 20-year-old kids.

[00:05:12] And, Yeah, and it was before the credit, collapse of 2008 and they just lent money to anybody, and I somehow got a half million dollars right before the credit collapse. So it was kind of like, I don't even fully know how I got that, but it was, perhaps, I went into the bank and presented a case and they're like, yeah, sure.

[00:05:31] That could work. and, so It has this trajectory of amazing, this is great. And then the project fell apart. And then shit got real, real fast. And I was like, oh my gosh, what have I done? And then began the journey of the scramble, the, the infinite scramble, which over time has been an incredible gift in,what's developed out of that is, an ability to solve problems, like creatively solve problems is the skill that I was developing.

[00:06:03] And just, it was around that time, It was weird, like a paradoxical, journey because on one hand I am devouring self-help and business books, trying to figure out how to get out of this, and then at the same time, like completely numbing out with drugs and just , going into some dark depressive states.

[00:06:22] And so it was like this really full spectrum experience of feeling inspired and also like incredibly in the depths, kind of like both at the same time.yeah, and then just like relentless, because it was like year after year and Just wondering, yeah, am I ever gonna get out of this?

[00:06:42] How, what the hell did I do? Should I just go bankrupt? I'm a fucking idiot. like all the

[00:06:49] **Nathan Maingard:** Hmm.

[00:06:50] **Dan Harrison:** negative, thinking. but yeah, I mean one, I guess saving grace or like thing that's been like consistent and is just like a belief. That I can figure it out, or that there's also like a power that's helping me behind, like behind the, behind the veil of time and space.

[00:07:12] There's there's a reason for it. There's a, a purpose for this. I'm learning and yeah, man, I mean there's like a lot in there, but that's like the general remembering is, fucking hard. Yeah.

[00:07:28] **Nathan Maingard:** Yeah. Well, you've just said something very interesting there because you know a lot of people in your situation wouldn't necessarily have have come through that. In the way that you have and, and you said, you have this, there's this faith, this, this in this optimism, which it sounds connected to some kind of a faith that there is some, some being some energy that is looking out for you, that wants the best for you.

[00:07:51] And I'm curious, is that, is that something, is that a specific religion or do you access that in a certain way? Like how do you stay connected to that energy and that level of faith when things on the, on the outside, on the physical are, are fucked?

[00:08:06] **Dan Harrison:** Yeah. Yeah. I mean it's, I feel like that contract while I had the debt was like an entire process of deepening my faith. it's not, it's not, there's not a religion. When I was younger, I was in, Christian Church in high school. And, but I've,after high school I started to seek like other avenues and have studied, the Bhagavad Gita, the Tao Te Ching.

[00:08:33] A course in Miracles has been the text for the last 10 years that I've turned to a lot inside of yeah, going through this process for me and. What I've come to experience is it's experiential. So there's like things that have happened that I'm like, there. How, how like I, I ha I have, I must have faith in something greater because it's How does that even happen? And I've experienced like so many miracles and every one of those miracles or experiences has solidified and deepened the faith and the belief. And then over a course of 10 years, it's, it's like. It's a knowing, where it's just oh, and then if now it's oh, I'm playing in a space.

[00:09:19] I'm co-creating with something way bigger than me. And, and it's almost like that energy, that space, whatever you wanna call it, trusts me more and more. So through that whole process, it was like I was developing integrity, I was developing character, I was developing, a relationship. And then through that process, little by little, that energy, which you can call God, you can call source, I've been playing with bringing God back into the language, like the holy language.

[00:09:48] but it's like now it becomes a process of to that because the belief has been like established that it's okay, if you can do that, what's next? I surrender, what, what do you, what do you want? What do you want me to do now? what, what kind of, what's the next thing you got?

[00:10:08] And I'm kind of just like grateful to be an observer of my own life, and be a. You know, use me, and then I'm, I'm like discovering it as I'm doing it now.

[00:10:22] **Nathan Maingard:** mm. Yeah, it's, as you're speaking, I'm thinking of, for me, a, a huge part of it has been, well it came when you were saying the word God. The word God came back into my vocabulary in 2010 when I discovered the poetry of Hafiz and I read his, his book of poetry. The subject tonight is Love. And it was exactly the, the reason I had not felt comfortable saying the word God was 'cause I didn't think anyone felt like God the way that I did at a deep level.

[00:10:47] And when I saw this beautiful. Beautiful Sufi poet speaking about God as like the barroom friend and like the, just the way that he dances with the divine was like, oh, that's, that's how I've always felt. And anyway, so I hear you on the, the reclamation of a word that this tiny word that is the biggest word we have for something indescribable and I love that.

[00:11:07] So it's the, thank you for sharing that so much.

[00:11:09] **Dan Harrison:** Yeah. Yeah.

[00:11:10] **Nathan Maingard:** so the, the question I. I wanted to ask you following onto that is, for me, a huge piece of, of going deeper into faith continues to be plant medicines and, and psychedelic medicines. And specific, sacred mushrooms have been like just so precious and ayahuasca, like just, but obviously responsibly used with the right kind of guidance, the right kind of space holders, the right preparation and integration, like those things are as equally, easily, equally important to the medicine itself.

[00:11:36] So is that. A part of your journey or, or how, how, how does that fit into the divine and, and that faith that you've been speaking about?

[00:11:43] **Dan Harrison:** Mm-Hmm. Yeah, it's, very interesting. I would say I guess what kind of comes to mind first is I've, I had a, I would say like a unconscious relationship with cannabis. like throughout a lot of the debt and it was used as an escape. And then I've gone through like long periods where just have had to cut that out to create space and do work that wasn't, using plant medicine.

[00:12:12] done mushrooms, had mushroom journeys. I think you're like absolutely right. The container. It like you can do it in an unconscious way and it, it has like little to no impact. whereas done or even negative impact and then whereas done, with intention in a container, beautiful transformational experiences.

[00:12:34] And most recently, I did Ayahuasca for the first's been something that's been on my radar for over a decade,and. But always trusting, like the time I've had many opportunities to do it, and it's no, it's not quite the right time. It's not quite the right time. And and then this time, like in November last year, it was it was like, it was for sure the time.

[00:12:58] Like I've never been more sure. I was like, I knew that the, and nothing would, lots of Opportunities to not go and do it. But, it was done with brothers, my men's group, and it was done in Peru. It was done where there had been a, relationship bond, for 10 years with the shaman, with one of, the brothers in our, our men's group.

[00:13:22] And, such a sacred space and experience. And it was five nights, three ceremonies, and. Man, that was the, like deepest, most challenging, most beautiful, transformational experience, I've had. And I, and, and the last thing I'll say about that is, or we can talk more about it, but, but like in that experience with it was, I'm like very clear that the insights are beautiful.

[00:13:52] The downloads are like, Like full body downloads, like almost like on a nervous system, level. But then it's like the real work is now without plant medicine. Like the real work is like this integration, like how do you bring that, those awarenesses, that, that insight, those downloads into the every day.

[00:14:13] And that's the, that's now like the work of mastery. Yeah.

[00:14:20] **Nathan Maingard:** Yeah,

[00:14:20] **Dan Harrison:** that's my experience with it.

[00:14:22] **Nathan Maingard:** I feel you. That's beautiful. Well, yeah, it's, it's always interesting to see how it has been a part of people's journeys and, I would love to talk more about it, but I really wanna stay focused on, on the incredible value that you bring, which is of interest to me and certainly to the people who listen to this podcast.

[00:14:36] Because the huge pain point that I experience, and I know that many of the coaching clients I work with also experience is, is because my, my people are like highly sensitive, nature loving, kind of seeing through the veils, people who have awareness and they see, okay, well this society doesn't really work the way that it's currently structured and I want to be a part of something different.

[00:14:57] Something that really has meaning and, and, and aligns with the divine, aligns with the greater picture. But then how the fuck do I live a purpose and make good money enough to support myself and my family and my people doing that? And it's just like this unrelenting wrestle to be authentic, to live authentically as ourselves while also making them like valuing ourselves and being valued for our work. And that work being purposeful and in service. And you, brother are doing it and you're helping other people to do it.

[00:15:27] so I guess the question that I'm asking you in this moment is like, what are the practical steps that you, that you would say to someone right now who maybe is even connected with purpose, where they've done that good work on getting aligned with their why?

[00:15:40] I'm here to do this good work and, and help people and be in support, but I'm broke or I'm stuck in a corporate job, or I'm like, I dunno how to, like get, get there so that it can really be sustainable. So yeah, I'd love to hear your thoughts on that. I know it's quite a big question.

[00:15:56] **Dan Harrison:** I love it though, man. I appreciate that question. And it's, yeah, I mean, what comes to mind initially is, is like there's there's God's laws. There's the universal laws that I think we as, coaches and empaths and heart loving people, intuitively feel are at odds with the laws of the, of the world.

[00:16:22] and it is a, an oppressive, Psyche, like the, the, the, the entire system, the entire model of thinking is an oppressive, way of thinking. And we've been programmed with this way of thinking since like our earliest years in, in school and then propaganda and just so I think the first step is just realizing.

[00:16:47] To your, to your podcast. We're already free. Like the reality is, we are, we are not, we are already free of that. so you're already free of that, but you have to become aware of that. And then you have to become, if you become aware of that, you realize there's rules to that game, and then you can be above the game playing it and creating your world.

[00:17:10] As you want. Like what, so like a couple things is you gotta be clear on what that is for you. So like I think a lot of us, even just the ga like the, the goals that many of us have aren't even our goals. They're goals that have given, that have been given to us to create a system, go to work, get a job, get married, have kids, retire at 65 and then die.

[00:17:34] It's like those are goals that were given to us in order to have the system that like it propagates the system. So unplug and get really honest with yourself and what is your vision? And then I would say it's go to work, starting to learn about, starting to learn about money. And like a, an example or this kind of comes to mind is like we often live in this like world of, Of binaries. So if you were to, I'm thinking of like the California yogi who's like spiritual, healthy, like amazing and like beautiful heart-centered person and like totally broke. And then like you go over to New York and you've got the cigar smoke in three piece suit wearing like banker on Wall Street, who's like rich as hell and and bankrupt spiritually and unhealthy and unwell.

[00:18:30] And they both look at each other as if they're living life wrong, not realizing that they are each other's teachers. And so they have this binary of and if you can collapse the binary, that one is not right, or the other is not right, then you have choice to be both.

[00:18:44] But until you can collapse a binary, you are at odds with the thing that you want and you judge it. And so it's that's kind of the work. And then you collapse it and then you can see from a different place. You're like, oh, okay. I am that guy. I am that girl. what does she have to teach me without judgment, without the, the thinking landscape.

[00:19:05] So I like, so there's that, and then there's just The, the, the game has rules, money has rules, and, and so just like learning. the reason I was in debt and struggling was because I was ignorant to how it works. And then I learned, and there's levels to the game and I'm still learning.

[00:19:27] And I've realized how little I know, but I'm gonna play a big game. So I keep learning the next thing.

[00:19:32] **Nathan Maingard:** the growth mindset, which is actually something I learned about relative, well some years ago now, but it really shook me to realize oh, I had a fixed mindset and I thought I, either I'm good at these things or I'm not good at these things, and if I'm not good at them, it's an indication of my value or lack of value and therefore, all the stories around that.

[00:19:48] And realizing actually I can learn and I can grow and expand and change and become different to, to who I was. I think that's a powerful lesson that you're, you're sharing there.

[00:19:58] **Dan Harrison:** that is the, yeah, that's actually like a great way of framing it. It's like the growth mindset, because if you have that then you never stop. because the point of setting big, crazy fricking goals, like my challenge I guess to the listeners here is get bigger goals, like dream bigger than you think is possible. forget this, like 10 K months, a hundred K. Like we need a lot more to live a good life. Like I'm just telling you like 10 K ain't enough because it just gets, you give away 42% of that in taxes. So it's And so set a goal to make a million bucks, but not for the million bucks.

[00:20:32] It's it's the growth mindset. It's who you'd have to become inside the process of going after like a big goal like that. And then like you realize that's actually the, that's the whole point of this. And then you hit the million bucks and you're like, cool. It's but I'm in a growth mindset, so like the money doesn't matter.

[00:20:48] And then the less the money matters, the more it floods in. It's crazy.

[00:20:52] **Nathan Maingard:** you're definitely hitting against my, internal blocks right now because there's a part of me that is thinking of resources and like to have that much, I'd have to be taking from someone else. This is the story that, that runs and, and it's actually a, the self-limiting belief that I'm, I'm, becoming deeply aware of because I keep, historically self-sabotaging.

[00:21:10] So when I suddenly I'm making good money, signing beautiful clients, doing the work that I love, and then I burn it all down because I'm scared that by doing that I'm gonna be that fucking asshole who's taking all the resources. and other people have to have less for me to do that.

[00:21:26] Right. Does that make sense?

[00:21:27] **Dan Harrison:** it totally does. Yeah. And it's that's it's like beautiful because then you can become aware of the pattern and like I did the same thing, man. I think oh yeah, rich people are greedy, assholes. That's actually not even true. Some of the most generous, beautiful, amazing people are the wealthiest that I've ever met, but I had to rejig that story.

[00:21:44] And so it's like you find the patterns. You find the patterns that are showing up, and you're like, that's the invitation to deeper work as then you're like. why does that pattern exist? And you can ask yourself like, well, what's my earliest memory of money? Because like, why did, like how does that program get in there that, that rich people are bad?

[00:22:02] Or that, or that money and abundance is like scarce or that's taken from somebody else. get this, the entire system is just printed money. Like it, they just print money. It's a, it's literally nothing. I went into a bank and she types a couple things on a keyboard and poof, 500 grand appears outta nowhere.

[00:22:21] Like it's literally nothing. So there's nothing, there's nothing there. Like it's, it's, yeah, it's just, yeah. And you start to see it and you're like, oh, man, like you, there's, you're not. And in fact, it's the exact opposite, like that belief, the only way that you can actually attract and receive money is, is through an equal and equivalent, offering of value.

[00:22:48] So by you getting more money, you're actually doing the exact opposite of the thing that you think you believe I'm taking from somebody else. You're not, you're actually giving, and that's actually a big flip when you think of like scarcity to abundance and. In that journey of 10 years, that was like the, maybe the biggest thing is you, you, you go from trying to get money or get clients or get things, and as soon as that flips to, I'm just here to give and I want to give, give, give, give, give, give.

[00:23:19] It's then you, that's the flip from scarcity to abundance.

[00:23:23] **Nathan Maingard:** Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I actually had the experience last year, and obviously I'm still in the throes of this, this abundance and scarcity thing. But it's, I, I raised my prices basically in a, in a way, like beyond what I ever thought I could charge for. And it's a, but what happened because of that, it forced me to re-look at what I was offering, and so do a three month package and part of that package, I realized wow, for that much money I can, I was a professional songwriter, a professional musician for 10 years. I've been a songwriter my whole life, and I, I write, I love the songs I write. They're very beautiful, lyrical, melodic and deep and meaningful.

[00:23:56] And I was like, oh my God, if I charge that much money, that means that I can write every client their own song. 'cause it's like paying me for that time to do that thing. That is and it's been one of my favorite and my client's most meaningful parts of the whole work together is once we've done all this months of work, right at the end, I write them the song that kind of encapsulates who they really are, their own heart song.

[00:24:18] And I can do that because I'm charging the money to be able to do that. And so that was like, oh wow. That's interesting.

[00:24:25] **Dan Harrison:** Yes. That's beautiful, man. I love that. That's a, that's a great offering. And it's it's a, that's like your unique ability, right? that's something that is unique and that's, that's like what people will pay for.

[00:24:39] **Nathan Maingard:** Yeah, just moving into the, the kind of one of the big challenges that, that I've experienced in my own journey and that I know that many others do as well, and it's one of the fears I currently carry is around burnout. so obviously, especially for those of us who are here to serve others, which you are and which I know everyone listening is.

[00:24:58] Is this challenge of giving, giving, giving, pouring from an empty cup, just keep going, and then burnout, or the other end of that is the stagnation. So either getting stuck and just like nothing's moving or burning out and not being able to move anything. So what advice would you offer to, to those people who could, so to rekindle that energy, to get that purpose, that alignment, that, that inner, abundance flowing so that we can be giving from a place of abundance again.

[00:25:24] **Dan Harrison:** I love this question. I think it's, one, I think it's like really important to know, Know yourself in the sense like, however that is for you. I'll give you an example. My, my business partner and I, in the human design, world, I'm a manifesting generator and he's a projector and it's like we, those are two very different types, right. I have a bigger tank. I, if he tried to do the work that I do, he would burn himself out, by lunchtime. and he's got a different like makeup, right? And so just I think first of all, just like understanding like what is your capacity and what is your strengths and what is your like highest valued skill sets?

[00:26:10] And then, doing everything that you can to stay, to build a business that allows you to spend most of your time in that space. And so this is where, like in entrepreneurship, which all coaches are, even if they're self-employed. But you have to start, this is like a thinking, right?

[00:26:27] Like there's a, there's a particular mindset journey that you have to go through. If you've been an employee forever and then you start a coaching business and you don't change the employee mindset, you will burn out. It's so you have to actually go to. Entrepreneur, business owner as a coach. And so you have to start thinking, what is my highest use of time?

[00:26:50] What is the most valuable thing that I can do and offer? And how do I get rid of all the other stuff that sucks my energy? And and so that looks like hiring. That looks like in order it would be somebody to be a virtual assistant to help with that. And like even just that, right? a lot of people don't realize.

[00:27:10] If you hire a virtual assistant, there's many that you can hire for 10 bucks an hour, all over the world and who are great. And that's a life changing amount for them. that is $1,600 a, a month full-time, like a full-time, gig. But that is 160 hours. So like for, with just like a VA, 160 hours a month that you just got back into your life by not uploading videos and responding to emails and, doing, social media stuff like, There's a thinking that has to change, that you have to think like an entrepreneur. Some good books on that would be like, Robert Kiyosaki, rich Dad, poor Dad. it's another good 10 X is, easier than two x, by Dan Sullivan, Ben Hardy, and just yeah. So it's like those thinking models that, that allow us to leverage our time better.

[00:28:06] yeah. Find your unique ability. Build build systems. Hire people. Yeah. Get help.

[00:28:12] **Nathan Maingard:** That makes so much so you, you are, you are echoing the voice of the universe for me right now

[00:28:17] I'm getting this message a lot at the moment. I'm like, oh fuck, okay, I'm listening. but there's, it, it reminds me of a saying, I think from the book work, the system maybe, or even the.

[00:28:27] The e-myth revisited, I think. And anyway, but he says, he's work on your business, not in your business. If you are working as the, as the creator of your business, if you're working in the business, you are making a mistake. And, and so what you've just said reminds me of that make, create whatever the space is that's needed and the, the people, the systems, the automations, whatever it is, so that I become the one who is in fact the creator rather than the, the, the grunt, I guess the word is I want to use, but it's not quite like that.

[00:28:55] **Dan Harrison:** I, I, I just add one thing to this because I think sometimes people,jump to the end I was, thinking about this the other day and it's we all want a simple business, right? something that's like lifestyle friendly, simple to run, profitable, in our zone of genius, that's what we want, but there's you have to walk a path to get that.

[00:29:13] And that path ain't easy. And so it's you can't just ah, I'm just gonna build my, my, I'm gonna hire the people and work on my business. It's no, probably for, 2, 3, 4 years, you're, you're gonna be wearing all the hats and you're gonna be bootstrapping it and figuring it out.

[00:29:28] And, but that's where you build your systems. That's where you figure things out. That's where you, and then it's like. Then as you build and you iterate and you improve, you start to see patterns and then you're like, Hey, that can be a system that can be outsourced, that can be, and you, you work towards the simple simplified business where Yeah, where you're in your zone.

[00:29:52] You can build, you can scale, you can create a life, lifestyle business. Yeah.

[00:29:57] **Nathan Maingard:** Hmm. Yeah. Thank you for that reminder. That's one of the ones I have historically struggled with. When it gets to the crunch, I'm like, Hmm, guess this isn't working. And and it's been really nice to shift that pattern where I reached an inflection points some months ago where it was like, either I close the podcast down or I double down.

[00:30:15] because it's just not. I love po I would podcast for free forever, but the reality is I can't afford to. And, and it is a long game. Like I, I want this to become an effective part of my business. and, and I, and so the, i, the difference that I made there was instead of going, well, I'll do something else 'cause this isn't going fast enough, I went, no, I know.

[00:30:34] I love this podcast with all my heart. I know the value my listeners get. I know how much I love my guests and they love coming on. there is nothing about this podcast that is wrong. I'm gonna double down. And I, and I actually took, took some, took a loan to go and get and get a podcast coach and actually deepen.

[00:30:49] which, which was terrifying. Still a bit terrifying because that money still has to come from somewhere. But, but it felt right and it still feels right. It's like I'd rather, I'd rather become more invested and have more intensity doing the thing I love than taking the easy route and being like, well, at least I didn't have to spend that money, but my life is shit.

[00:31:07] **Dan Harrison:** Totally. That's the path, man. That's like literally the, it's yeah, you'll learn the podcasting thing, but even more than that, you're gonna learn. Like a different version of yourself. You already are. You made the investment. You've already, that's a new version of Nathan. It's oh, who's this?

[00:31:22] Who's this? Who's this version of me who just drops, whatever. Yeah,

[00:31:27] **Nathan Maingard:** That's beautiful. Thanks, man. I appreciate that. That's a lovely, lovely reflection. so I'd love to hear just, I know you do a, you offer a lot and you do a lot, but like for those, and I will have in the intro, people have heard a bit about what you do, but what would you say is the great value or what, who are the people you help?

[00:31:43] How do you help them and what is the value you bring to them in the world?

[00:31:47] **Dan Harrison:** Yeah, I mean, really right now I'm inspired by my client. Like I'm incredibly inspired by my clients. my clients are thought leaders. They are kind of rebels. They like, they, they, they're building their own thing. They, are primarily in the health space. I feel really called and inspired to help amplify the voice of true health experts and wellness experts because they're going up against a gigantic.

[00:32:18] Propaganda machine that does that spits anything but truth about health. And, and so I feel really called and inspired to help amplify those voices to help build online communities for them where they're, free to, not be censored where they're free to attract their tribe where they're free to like, share real healing medicine.

[00:32:39] And, And yeah, so we work with,naturopaths, chiropractors, health coaches,relationship coaches, coaches in gen. Like they're all, the common theme is they are like coaches and, we primarily help them with,I would say soul level branding and offers, so like having alignment with like their, like soul's purpose and, and understanding like the energetics of entrepreneurship.

[00:33:06] Right. you can have the same offer, the same strategy, like two people, but one person is coming from fear and desire, and another person is coming from acceptance and love. And even if they take the same actions, they just produce different results. So it's like understanding the energetics of the soul, in business, and then self-leadership, being able to give yourself a command and follow it.

[00:33:27] And then, developing the skill sets of like money making, sales, advertising, marketing, leadership, hiring, training, these, these skill sets. And then, building out systems automations to get your time back. And then like strategies and strategies is interesting because it's typically what everybody like thinks they need and want.

[00:33:48] And I've accumulated like the craziest back pocket list of strategies because I've had my back against a wall with half a million dollars of debt and be like, alright, universe, you and me, let's go. I need 25k next week, otherwise I'm going down. What's the play? And like I'll get the download and I'll have I'll go from a hundred bucks to 25k.

[00:34:09] I'm like, how? Thank you universe. It's and that has happened so many times that I just have a treasure trove of, of strategies, but those are like, whatever, those are cheap tricks. so it's like, it's like you have to have alignment with all those things to build like a truly you know, business that allows you to live the already free lifestyle.

[00:34:31] **Nathan Maingard:** if someone just wants to get more of you in their world right now, where would you recommend they go?

[00:34:36] **Dan Harrison:** Yeah, Instagram, the Dan Harrison. is, is is probably the main place we have. like we just started a, a YouTube channel has one video, and we've got a podcast coming out called Uncomfortably Great. not out yet, but we're interviewing some amazing guests. And, and then we have a school commu, like a free school community, health coaches community.

[00:34:57] And if you're a health coach, there's Literally we, we give away all of our courses and stuff for free. people pay us to implement and get coached, and we give all of our information away for free. So there's like the equivalent of 10 K coaching programs are like literally just free in there. So if you have more time than you have money, that's go get it.

[00:35:16] It's all there. I've left trails for my whole life. Like I figure something out, I make a framework around it, and I've just left breadcrumbs so you can follow it.

[00:35:25] **Nathan Maingard:** Oh, beautiful. I love that. okay, and then the question I ask everyone, but I, you've spoken to it so much in this, in this chat so far, so if you, if there's nothing else to add, but when you hear we are already free, what comes up for you?

[00:35:39] **Dan Harrison:** Yeah, I, I mean, I think of, just like when we, before we came into this world, we're like already free.I don't believe like that this meat suit is my. Is, is the who I am. There's like way more to me than this meet suit and this, this one life. And, and the remembering of that in the day to day is, is how I'm I live, or yeah, how I would, what I strive for, where I can live in a sense of already free.

[00:36:11] I get to play by universal laws, not manmade laws. I get to live by with an awareness that, that this material world is not the bedrock reality. That there is something far greater that the eyes can't see. And with that awareness, you create an inner sense of freedom which naturally gets reflected financially.

[00:36:33] So if you can embody that state and remembrance of being already free, then the universe vibrationally will match it. And do miracles like get you out of a half million dollars of debt. so that's what comes up for me with already free.

[00:36:49] **Nathan Maingard:** Oh man. Thank you, Dan. What a beautiful message to end on and, and yeah, just really appreciating discovering you and getting to, to follow your work and feel your vibe, really, more than anything. It's so, it's so nice to meet an authentic, rooted, heart open brother who is navigating this gnarly society of ours with such grace and abundance I guess.

[00:37:11] So thank you for the inspiration and I'm sure anyone listening to this is gonna be running off to find more out, more about you. So yeah, thanks again. Really appreciate you being on

[00:37:19] **Dan Harrison:** Thank you brother, my doppelganger. appreciate you.

[00:37:22] **Nathan Maingard:** Thank you so much for joining us again for today's episode of we are already free. I hope you found Dan's journey as inspiring and as enlightening as I did. Be sure to check out more about Dan Harrison and follow his links in the show notes. I have actually joined his community, both the free and the paid communities, just because he's such a rad dude, and the work he's doing is so amazing, and it's where I'm at in my own work right now. if you do end up joining what he's up to, I will see you there. For this episode. It was really inspiring for me to explore the challenges of overcoming massive debt, through embracing spirituality and combining that with the transformative power of resilience.

[00:38:01] Remember that you are not alone in your struggles, dear listener, there are always pathways to reclaim your freedom and live authentically.

[00:38:08] If Dan's story has resonated with you, take these lessons to heart and integrate them into your own life.

[00:38:14] Before we wrap up. If you feeling inspired by the themes we've discussed today, the already free academy is the perfect next step on your journey. This online community is designed to empower you with practical spirituality, holistic wellness, and personal growth tools.

[00:38:28] Just like the ones Dan and I were talking about. One of the standout features for me of the academy is the morning practice challenge, which is The free mini course that has already transformed lives in beautiful ways. Adrian, uh, previous participants shared that he was waking up every day in a frustrated fog, feeling hopeless and incapable of making changes.

[00:38:48] Does that sound familiar? This morning practice challenge helped him to love himself and switch from that self judging voice of I'm sick, I'm bad, there's something wrong with me. To that voice that was saying, I love and accept myself. I take care and I do what is actually good for me. He expressed that he feels much more confident, safe, and tolerant with himself, more peaceful. And he also gave me the lovely compliment of saying that I kept it simple, accessible, and supportive, which is awesome.

[00:39:11] Thank you, Adrian. You can join the already free academy and access the morning practice challenge for free so don't miss out on this opportunity to take your personal growth to the next level. Just visit, or just click the link in the show notes to join today and start embodying the empowered state that we've been exploring in this episode.

[00:39:31] Until next time. Dear listener, thank you for being on this journey with me. It is such an stoke and such an honor to be able to share these conversations with such cool people and to inspire you and myself along the way.

[00:39:42] I hope you enjoy these vulnerable heartfelt sharings, because I'm also just on this journey with you, working it out as I go along and. It's such a privilege to get to do it with you. So until next time I wish you well. And please remember, we are already free.

Nathan Maingard

Nathan Maingard

Nathan Maingard is a wordsmith giving voice to those who feel isolated and lost in these times of mass delusion and dis-ease. A breathwork instructor, modern troubadour (empowering songs, poems & stories) and ILS pro coach, Nathan empowers down-to-earth seekers to be their authentic selves. In this way we can feel, heal, and grow a beautiful world together.


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