If you’ve forgotten that your body is miraculous, that you can heal from anything, that you are more powerful than you’ve been taught…or that you don’t have to wait until you’re ‘too old’ to live an empowered, health-filled life…then yes, you guessed it, this one’s for you!

Freya Kellet is a woman they call dangerous… Poetic portal. Freedom-lover. Ex-vegan organic livestock farmer. Knower of biological reality. Traditional birth attendant. Bacon enthusiast. Believer in her (and your) body. She has packed an astonishing amount of experience, wisdom and down-to-earth goodness into her 25 years.

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Links & Things from this Episode:

  • Why Freya 10/10 recommends getting married
  • Why the practice of saying “yes” helped Freya to have an awesome wedding
  • Why it’s important to find and choose courage to do big and small scary things
  • Why the universe loves courage
  • What has prompted the softening in Freya?
  • An inspiring and transformational journey with chronic pain
  • Find out more about Barefoot Shoes
  • Get into Ancestral Eating
  • The protective gift of the pain in a body
  • German New Medicine
  • Why you should be oiling your body
  • A deep devotion to pain as a profound teacher
  • Nathan’s song – In the shadows
  • Yup, there is no quick fix
  • The tender lesson of keeping the hope alive
  • Be an invitation to the boys and girls: you are not wrong, this culture is wrong
  • There is a path home to feeling deeply in love and at ease and in joy in your body.
  • Getting really clear about what love is. Why it is profoundly loving to speak the truth
  • “I respect you enough to know that you are strong and sovereign…and you can heal from anything.”
  • Why being a birth-worker is about trusting in the woman’s power
  • “I know that you can feel good in your body. I know it might feel like dragging yourself over glass chards to get there. I also know that an external makeover is never the thing that makes us feel good or healed or safe in our bodies”
  • A woman who is “gender non-conforming” is not a they and she’s not a man…she’s just a free woman
  • Freya shares her thoughts on the meaning of ‘We Are Already Free’
  • Why the answers are in nature and in our primal humanness

Enjoy, see you next week!




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