Have you ever felt overwhelmed by how complicated living a life of vibrant health seems? Always another diet fad, another bit of news about how bad fat is, then how good it is, and so on? Well, you’re in the right place! Today’s guest, Dr Gary Shlifer, has simple solutions which will help you to align with your ancestry and up-level your lifestyle.

Dr. Shlifer is a board-certified internal medicine physician specialising in preventative care, nutrition/metabolism and anti-aging medicine. He brings his robust experienced with hospital inpatient medicine to his outpatient primary care practice in order to help prevent and cure disease for his patients. He is the founder of Evolve Healthcare in Los Angeles, a multi-specialty integrative medicine clinic focused on disease prevention and lifestyle optimization. He is also cofounder of Sapien, an organization focused on promoting health education and advancing health information technology. Through his companies and community outreach, the doctor works to promote his message of healthy living, eating and lifestyle practices.

In this far-ranging conversation, we cover everything from the mistake of asking too many mistakes as a doctor, to how our ancestry is a great place to look for the answers to our health needs, to how important it is that we talk about, face, and embrace death to truly live…and much more.

Towards the end, Dr Gary answers the question I ask in every episode about what We Are Already Free means to him in a way I found especially inspiring, hopeful, and empowering.

I’m your host, Nathan Maingard, and, as a highly sensitive person in a highly insensitive society, I was very nearly crushed by my efforts to fit a mould our society just calls ‘being a good citizen’. Having navigated my own healing of depression, burnout, suicidal ideation and other lovely things like that, it’s my honour to help others like me to bloom into the unique beauty they came here to bring… through breathwork, empowering songs, stories and poems, inner life skills coaching…and of course, ice baths (sorry, I know I’ve been talking about them a lot recently, but seriously, they’re frickin’ EPIC!).

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Links & Things from this Episode:

  • @drgaryevolve on instagram
  • evolvehealthcare.com
  • sapien.org
  • The Sapien Podcast
  • On being an awake medical professional during the time of lockdown
  • The message from working in hospitals: “Your job is not to ask questions”
  • Evolve Healthcare
  • FLCC Protocal
  • Why science has stalled in many ways
  • Graham Hancock’s Ancient Apocalypse show on Netflix
  • Why it’s a huge problem that healthcare is dominated by the food and drug industry
  • BOOK – Sickening by John Abramson
  • Type 2 diabetes is a reversible condition
  • Why sometimes all you need is the best step you can take next
  • One simple thing that can help most people to improve their health
  • Reconnecting with what your biology is asking for
  • The unexpectedly fun results of ice baths
  • What is the cost of convenience?
  • Why your doctor’s knowledge of nutrition is the same as the average person walking down the street
  • BOOK – The big fat surprise by Nina Teicholz
  • Gary on realising that he was trained to be a drug dealer…not to heal people
  • What is The Sapien Diet
  • The unsung necessity of hospice care
  • We’re so disconnected from the living and dying processes that we can be manipulated
  • How to connect more holistically with death
  • Why you should go to a farm to be involved in the procurement of your animals
  • Modern Stone Age Kitchen
  • How being a grateful alpha predator is a good way to be
  • “Death is real life”
  • The very private joke told by healthcare providers
  • Will you still listen if we do an episode all about death? (well, will you?)
  • How to naturally balance hormones
  • BOOK – Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan
  • Learn the unifying idea of health

Thank you for listening, may this remind you that you are already free!




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