Are you struggling to find your true identity and purpose while living in the shadow of a powerful parental figure (or overbearing society that constantly positions itself as the know-it-all parent)?

Welcome to We Are Already Free, the podcast that sparks your inner guide to break free from internal and external limitations. I’m Nathan Maingard, your host, bringing you authentic conversations with edge-walkers who defy societal norms simply by living their rooted truth. Together, let’s shake off limiting beliefs and embrace the freedom within, empowering you to transform your life and deeply connect with yourself and the world. Let the transformation begin!

In this must-listen episode of the We Are Already Free podcast, I dive deep with Daniel Maté:

Daniel Maté is a Vancouver-born, Brooklyn-based author, composer-lyricist, podcaster, and self-described “mental chiropractor”. With his father Dr. Gabor Maté he co-authored the NYT Bestselling book The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture. His theatre songwriting has received the prestigious Edward Kleban Prize, an ASCAP Cole Porter Award, and the Jonathan Larson Grant. He co-hosts the lyric appreciation podcast “LET’S GET LYRICAL with Carice and Daniel”, along with Carice van Houten of Game of Thrones fame. His popular mental chiropractic service “Take A Walk With Daniel” helps people all over the world get unstuck by means of a quick and potent re-alignment of perspective while walking.

In this raw and intimate conversation, Daniel shares his journey of self-discovery, the impact of having a prominent father, and how he has navigated the complexities of their relationship, the challenges of finding personal sovereignty, and healing in the face of expectations and societal pressures.

Some of the topics we cover are:

  1. Breaking Free from the Shadow of a Powerful Parent
  2. The Power of Vulnerability: How Authentic Connections Lead to Personal Growth
  3. The Art of Mental Chiropractic: Transforming Lives with a Change in Perspective
  4. The Making of “The Myth of Normal”: How Daniel and Gabor Maté Tackled Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture
  5. Listen to the end to hear the story of how an unexpected imprisonment supported Daniel’s journey towards finding freedom in the most challenging circumstances.

If you’ve ever felt the weight of expectations from a strong parent figure (or society), or struggled to break free from the shadows to claim your own identity, this episode is for you. Tune in now and embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and liberation with Daniel Maté.

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