If you ever worry about what you should be eating, or how you should be living to be a healthy human, this episode is for you! We begin with the tragic story of how guest Brian Sanders of Food Lies lost both his parents, to alzheimer’s and cancer, nine years ago. Even though they were people who followed all the mainstream guidelines. This started him on a journey of discovery about the root causes of modern diseases. This led to the simple solutions related to diet and lifestyle, which he shares in today’s episode.

Things Brian Shares:

  • What broke the matrix for him two years ago (I’ll give you one guess)
  • Why there’s a whole half of the world out there who the mainstream doesn’t talk about (you’re not alone)!
  • How the pillars for being a healthy homo sapien can help you to thrive
  • Why our dietary guidelines are so very wrong
  • The three refined ingredients to avoid
  • Towards the end, How we can feed the world.
  • And heaps more…

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