Are you aware of the AI revolution currently taking over the world? Terrified? Excited? Well, In this episode of the We Are Already Free podcast, I speak with Andri Peetso, an expert in the field, about the breakthroughs and limitations of AI and chatGPT. We discuss the potential outcomes of these technologies and how they could affect our lives. From the dangers of biased information to the power to rewrite history, this conversation will open your eyes to the possibilities and risks of AI.

Andri Peetso is an author, biohacker & entrepreneur with expertise in visual creation, web development, and AI. He co-founded Conturata-AI, a platform that helps businesses increase engagement and productivity using AI. Andri also co-founded Whomesome, an educational platform for healthy environments, and Conturata, a video podcasting agency.

Welcome to We Are Already Free, the podcast empowering down-to-earth seekers to live their truth and be the change. I’m Nathan Maingard, transformational guide and empowering wordsmith. If you’ve realised you only get more of what you focus on, and are ready to live an authentic life with your fellow weirdos, let’s shake off limiting beliefs and embrace the freedom within.

In this episode, Andri shares:

  • How to understand AI and chatGPT for the person who has no idea what it is
  • Why AI is woke
  • How to use chatGPT to improve your personal and professional life
  • Later in the episode, we segue into Mastering Fasting, a book that Andri self-published after healing himself from Multiple Sclerosis
  • And, as always, that barely scratched the surface of what we dive into (including why AI might be a baby God)

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