Have you ever felt that you have to fix every negative thing you see, like it’s up to you to save the world!? That is super stressful, amiright!? Thankfully, this episode with Amber Magnolia Hill of Mythic Medicine is filled with the energy of softening, of doing the little (and big) things only you can, which end up being just what the world needs. If you’re ready to let go of some of that tension from all the weight you’ve been carrying…this is for you.

This bio is taken from her website, and I HIGHLY recommend you read it in full after listening to this episode, linked below: Amber is a podcast host and maker of plant medicines for people who yearn for knowledge about herbalism, deepening ancestral connections, and remembering what it is to be human upon the earth. She helps folks to drop the cultural lies of disconnection and disempowerment, and to remember that the old ways are in our bones.

In this episode she shares:

  • How she stays afloat and without frying her brain while being a business owner, mom, homesteader, podcast host, wife, human, etc…
  • One of the surprisingly beautiful lessons of COVID
  • Which type of food literally nourishes, lubricates, and calms our nervous systems
  • Why cultivating a relationship with the earth is so important
  • Near the end, important insights for people who want to be more self-sufficient and head in the homesteader direction

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Things mentioned in the episode:

Topics covered:

  • How to stay afloat and not fry your brain while being a business owner, mom, homesteader, wife, human, etc…
  • Real food, a strong partnership, and focusing on love
  • The accumulation of objects VS ‘enough’
  • A reason why we might not feel like we ever have enough
  • Why good food can help to nourish our nervous systems
  • Believing that people are good at heart
  • How having children inspires Amber to keep sharing unpopular opinions
  • How being a nuanced person helps
  • One of the beautiful lessons of COVID
  • Why it’s ok NOT to engage with the ‘shitstorms’ on social media
  • What’s the most important thing I can do?
  • I’m done screaming about what’s not working
  • Why cultivating a relationship with the earth is so important
  • On meeting a new person and asking what they’re good for
  • How rubbing herbal oils on our bodies helps our nervous systems
  • The empowering origins of the word ‘radical’ (or radicle)
  • The unexpectedly beautiful root of the word ‘amen’
  • Insights for people who want to be homesteaders and more self-sufficient
  • Why realising that we are all more powerful than we’ve been taught brings hope

Thank you, see you next week!




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