are you ready to Live Your Truth?

Receive impeccable guidance. Learn simple practices. Remember that you are already free.


Certified breathwork facilitator, here to guide you into your own inner healing power.


Honouring and guiding you on your own path of empowerment, transformation, and soverignty


Specific support with any of the following: songwriting, social media, websites, poetry, video creation, podcasting, and more…

Ice Baths

Cold immersion is powerful for personal transformation and empowerment. I can guide you through every step, whether in person or online.


Certified Pro Inner Life Skills Coach, currently training for Master Coach certification. Asking the questions which guide you into the fullness of your truth


Powerful processes to help you align with your unique purpose in this lifetime

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Ready to Live your truth?

  1. Book a free 15m Coffee Chat
  2. Clarify what’s holding you back & where you want to go
  3. Create your unique plan for getting unstuck & Finding alignment

skills I bring to our time together

  • certified Breathwork facilitator
  • Certified inner life skills Pro coach (in training as a master)
  • ice bath guide
  • happy client testimonials here
  • i know what hopelessness feels like, and how to grow A LIFE OF meaning
  • experienced Suicide hotline councillor
  • I believe in your power to transform your pain into treasure (if I can do it, so can you)
  • available for online/in-person, 1:1/groups, private/retreats, Etc…



1:1 online Coaching & Breathwork client


1:1 online client seeking support


1:1 in-person breathwork & ice bath client

“After being nervous about signing up for a coaching session with Nathan, I feel deeply moved and also very surprised at what is actually possible in such a small amount of time as 1 hour! During the session I looked at the fear which was keeping me blocked from a completely unexpected angle. It was so powerful that I had many breakthroughs afterwards!”

Laura Judd

1:1 Online Coaching

“Fear and a lack of direction were a weight holding me down. Until my enlightening and empowering session with Nathan! I realise the root of my problems and am able to accept myself more and be mindful to release criticism and feelings of worthlessness when they arise. Since my session I’ve allowed myself to be more expressive and have held my ground in a conversation that would normally have me reeling and afraid. To anyone thinking about coaching with Nathan, please give yourself this gift of time and reflection. You are worth it.”

Natalie Wallis

Coaching Client

“Being unsure about my business was leaving me feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. During our session I was able to clarify within myself what the next most aligned step was for me. I feel inspired to pursue my new project, with refreshed creativity. I’ve also cultivated curiosity about new perspectives, possibilities and opportunities I hadn’t even considered before! Nathan’s self-awareness, intuition and life experience give him a multi-faceted gem from which to source questions and guidance that related directly to my needs in the moment. His authenticity is a superpower that allows him to tune in, tap in and turn on to the project at hand.”

Blissa Nizzoli

1:1 Discovery Call

“I’m interested in healing and men’s work, but I was feeling hesitant to ‘put myself out there’. Seeing Nathan’s work online inspired me to take a leap of faith and join one of his breathwork and ice bath circles. Now, I feel more at home within myself, and inspired to take on the world. It’s a safe container I can return to at any time.”

André Frey

In person Breathwork &
Ice Bath Group

“Nathan is genuinely willing to help and you can feel there’s no judgement. He is someone who’s able to peel back some layers whilst adding a different perspective. We all go through different stages in life, this is part of mine and have already learnt and gained alot for myself. So refreshing and reassuring to open up to someone else

Ben O’Brien

1:1 Online Coaching

“I’ve done a lot of transformational work in the past…but this is a unique time where the coach didn’t gently nudge me to the resolution. Before coaching with Nathan I felt stuck and indecisive about moving forward with my dreams. I came away from my session with a strong sense of my authentic self. Nathan empowered me to make courageous decisions by trusting my soul from a place of love. His coaching put me in the driver seat to my own transformation.”

Kim James

1:1 Online Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your sessions cost?

The 15 minute coffee chat 100% FREE! If there is alignment for us to work together, we’ll discuss the best way forward. For now, book your coffee chat! You got nothing to lose!

Will this still be valuable if we’re working online?

Most of the testimonials on this page are from clients I have only worked with online.

The answer is a firm YES, this work is powerful whether online or in-person.

More questions?

Email me, or send a message in the live chat box on this site.

I don’t want to do breathwork/ice baths/something else…but still feel called to work with you. Is that ok?

I only ever use the tools which feel most aligned in helping you to live your truth.

At the end of the day, they’re all just tools. We’ll find and use the ones which are useful for you, specifically.

Use what works, leave the rest…