helping down-to-earth people to live their truth & be the change

We Are Already Free is a podcast, community, and academy where down-to-earth seekers and free people gather for inspiration, connection, learning, and action.

We are the weirdos, the outcasts, the ones society tried to put into limiting prisons of the mind and heart. They did not succeed.

We are collectively remembering that We Are Already Free.

“If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

– African Proverb –

Empowering Tools

Global Community

Inner Transformation

If you’ve been…

  • Burning out by giving attention to things you DON’T want more of
  • Feeling hopeless because of everything that is wrong with the world
  • Thinking you are not enough
  • Having negative thoughts spiral out of control
  • Getting overwhelmed, which leads to giving up or distracting yourself

Then, join the tribe and live your truth!

Join the Tribe & Live Your Truth


Be inspired
Learn from the guests

Courses & Live Events

Get accountability
Calm your nervous system
Begin an empowering morning practice

online gatherings where we can be our authentic selves


Find your tribe
Transform your self
Grow a beautiful world

How To Join We Are Already Free

Meet Your Guide & Space Holder

Meet Your Guide & Space Holder

Hi, I’m Nathan Maingard. I host the We Are Already Free podcast,  facilitate gentle breathwork, empower with songs and stories, guide seekers through their own transformation… and I love being the real me with the real YOU! As a child, society crushed me for my authenticity. Desperate to fit in, I numbed myself with self-destructive habits. This only led to more pain, dis-ease and ‘not-enoughness’. I now dedicate my life to serving anyone on a down-to-earth path of embodied awakening. I’m right here with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a pioneer member?

This community is still in the birthing stages. The current pricing is a reflection of that, and only the first thirty members will get the Pioneer Member access and pricing.

I'm confused about signing up, how does it work?

This simple video will explain everything. If it doesn’t, you can email me anytime.

Who will benefit from this community?

Anyone who wants to experience more sovereignty, positivity,
connection, and community.

What if i can't afford the membership?

Please email Nathan to discuss, no one will be turned away
because of money.

Who is this community for?
  • people who have realised we can’t change the world by focusing on old narratives of fear and separation anyone who is looking for support in living their truth and being the change
  • down-to-earth spiritual seekers who are looking for a more grounded and embodied way to be in life
Who is this not for?

People who are unwilling to prioritise their own transformation. No-one is perfect, as long as you are willing to own up to your projections when you notice them, you are so welcome to stumble and meander along this path Home with us!

Do I need to join the community to listen to the podcast?

Heck NO! The podcast is free forever. Click here or search for We Are Already Free on whichever podcast app you use. The podcast tribe and full access memberships are ways to deepen your own journey of remembering that…you guessed it: We Are Already Free!

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