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The birthday gift that made me cry

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This is such a story! One of my first ever patrons (dear lovely Eli), told me she wanted to send me a little something in the mail for my birthday and she only asked that I filmed myself while opening it. I was staying with my dad at the time, so when the package arrived […]

Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman and saying yes to meeting heroes

amanda palmer and nathan maingard on stage in south africa

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On 14 Feb 2018, out of the blue, a tweet came through from a lovely human named Peter telling me that Amanda Palmer was playing in Cape Town and there was a competition going where I could win a ticket to her show (thank you forever, Peter)! I don’t know exactly what I responded, cos […]

Why I Cry in a Garden of Love

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How many times can I cry in one sitting? Over the years I’ve saved tweets, comments, notes and emails people have sent me to thank me for the role my music has had in their lives. I call it my Garden of Love, because I can go and ‘sit’ there whenever I lose my way […]

My 3 simple steps to playing at Sofar Sounds

sofar sounds featuring nate maingard

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“Nathan, are you busy?” “Ummm, yes, I’m about to meet someone for a first date.” “Well, keep your phone on, Rafe is about to call.” After three months of trying to play a Sofar Sounds show, one of the most popular intimate music events in the world, I was in…

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