Catch The Wind cover with my dad

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There is nothing quite like the joy of singing with my dad, who is one of my great songwriting inspirations. We played one of my all-time favourites, a Catch The Wind cover of a song by Donovan, which brings back salty memories of surf trips in our old Kombie, us kids piled in the back while my dad blared out the classic music of the 60’s! Ah, such good times!

Hope you enjoy this little piece of magic, life moves so fast sometimes, I miss my family living all over the world…

It’s my dad who first inspired me to play music, listening to his songs and going to his shows when I was but a wee lad! I feel I’m continuing our family’s troubadour lineage as I prepare to release my newest album Wild & Free. It’s an honour to be another link in the chain of music going back so many generations.

Yours in music and memories

PS: what’s a classic tune from your childhood which always brings you beautiful memories? Catch the Wind will always be one of mine!

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