The birthday gift that made me cry

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This is such a story!

One of my first ever patrons (dear lovely Eli), told me she wanted to send me a little something in the mail for my birthday and she only asked that I filmed myself while opening it. I was staying with my dad at the time, so when the package arrived I innocently asked him to film. Little did I know what was inside!

As I opened it I thought, “Oh, she’s sent me a pretty journal, or something like that.” Pretty quickly I realised that it was in fact a handmade scrapbook filled with messages, poems, illustrations, photos and letters from patrons all over the world, gathered together into one place by Eli and posted to me across the world.

The waves of love flowed over me and tears started to pour over the edges of my eyelids, pure joy overflowing in rivers of gratitude. I’m crying now just as I type this. It was like someone shone a warm loving light into the darkest part of me, the part that always loves to say, “You are not good enough, you’ll never matter, you are not worthy.”

These messages of love from around the world were the medicine I needed, and still need, in my life!

I still cherish that book and hope that I can keep sharing these medicine songs and stories forever, to keep inspiring others to feel the way my lovely patrons do.

What a gift, what a blessing

Ok, time to go cry happy tears some more

Yours in gratitude

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