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“Nathan, thank you for the beautiful message you are spreading to the world. Helping to inspire others to find their own way back to personal freedom is such an incredible gift and legacy to leave for the collective. It’s an honor to walk this journey alongside you.”
-Dr Nicole LePera (The Holistic Psychologist)

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Do You Feel
Out Of Place?

Like many, you may struggle with feelings of not fitting in—perhaps you’re overwhelmed by today’s stressful world or feel disconnected from your true self. You’re not alone.


“I struggled with my intimate relationships, felt very lost, and very lonely.”

Fear of what others think

“Struggling with trust and fearing vulnerability, I kept everyone at arm’s length.”


“I felt like an outsider in my own life, disconnected from the real me.”


“I wasn’t making time to focus on my passions, and my frustration felt endless.”




About Nathan

I Understand Because I’ve Been There

Working with Nathan allowed me to explore the deep, dark wilderness of my soul, leading to a profound trust in myself and a true sense of intimacy that comes from within.
Josh Snyman

As a transformational guide who has journeyed from deep personal challenges to finding joy and purpose, I have the tools and empathy to help you transform your life.

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Hear From Those Who’ve Walked This Path

Discover how others have transformed their lives through our journey together.


I’ve participated in a lot of transformational work in the past…but this is one of the unique times where the “coach” didn’t gently nudge me to the resolution. Before coaching with Nathan I felt confused, fragmented, stuck and indecisive about moving forward with some of my dreams. I came away from my session with a strong send of my authentic self. Nathan empowered to make courageous decisions by trusting my soul from a place of love. His coaching put me in the driver seat to my own transformation.

Kim James


I was struggling with anxiety. It was always on my mind and it felt difficult to overcome. After working with Nathan, I feel lighter. I have more acceptance, I got something off my chest and I realised it’s all part of my learning process. Nathan is genuinely willing to help and I didn’t feel any judgement. If you’re ready to peel back some layers, gain new understanding and shift your perspective, dive in!

Ben O’Brien


After being nervous about signing up for to work with Nathan, I feel deeply moved and also very surprised at what is actually possible in such a small amount of time as an hour! During our work, I looked at the fear which was keeping me blocked from a completely unexpected angle. I’m going to use the technique I learned whenever I lose track of my goal!

Laura Judd

I had imposter syndrome — continually doubting my ability to pursue my goals. I felt anxious, inferior, frustrated and paralysed. Nathan took me through a profound practice that slowed down the motor of my mind and made me realise that the answers are already inside. Such a relief! This realisation immediately released a lot of my performance anxiety and left me with a feeling of peace and calm. The pressure of trying to be ‘good enough’ fell away. It renewed my confidence and conviction for what I do. If you’re thinking about working with Nathan: be brave, sign-up and see where it takes you!

Stacey Astley-Clark


Being unsure about my business was making me overwhelmed and uncertain. During our time together I was able to clarify the next most aligned step. I feel inspired to pursue a new project, with refreshed creativity. I’ve also cultivated curiosity about new perspectives, possibilities and opportunities I hadn’t even considered before! Nathan’s self-awareness, intuition and life experience give him a multi-faceted gem from which to source questions and guidance that related directly to my needs in the moment. His authenticity is a superpower that allows him to tune in, tap in and turn on to the project at hand.

Blissa Nizzoli

I was feeling flat and uninspired and just couldn’t seem to get excited. I was frustrated because I wanted to hide from the world and I couldn’t get on top of this. In my work with Nathan, he helped me to focus on what brings me joy. I learned that the answers lie inside me. Today I made a commitment to myself and stepped up to it…and it was easy! What a great thing to have someone as lovely as Nathan to help you navigate the path to your own goals. If you’re thinking about it, go for it!

Vicki Dart