I help down-to-earth people to be real and live with joy

everyone deserves a life of joy, purpose and wonder. if you’re not living yours…get in touch

"I was feeling lost, with a lot of anxiety and stress! Now I feel I can trust myself and follow my intuition in finding my path. Nathan’s coaching gave me time for reflection, created a safe space and made it easy. He is kind and genuine, and supported me in finding the answers within myself. Even my worry transformed into something beautiful."

Tiffany Arnold

“Before working with Nathan I felt stuck and indecisive about moving forward with my dreams. I came away from my session with a strong sense of my authentic self. Nathan empowered me to make courageous decisions by trusting my soul from a place of love. His coaching put me in the driver seat to my own transformation."

Kim James

"I was struggling with anxiety. It was always on my mind and it felt difficult to overcome. After my session with Nathan, I felt lighter. I have more acceptance, I got something off my chest and I realised it’s all part of my learning process. Nathan is genuinely willing to help and I didn’t feel any judgement. If you’re ready to peel back some layers, gain new understanding and shift your perspective, dive in!"


"I was going through feelings of self-loathing and self-pity. After our session I went into my day feeling positive and hopeful. Nathan’s unique approach of combining breathwork with manifestation and music/poetry was captivating and inspiring."

 Shams Nelson

Who is Nathan Maingard?

“My path has been one of a highly sensitive person in a highly insensitive society.

I had to find my own practices to heal  depression, chronic pain and burnout (the pain of hiding your true self to fit into a broken society REALLY f’ing SUCKS, amiright!?).

I’m a certified breathwork facilitator, ILS pro coach and empowering wordsmith. I hold a container which enables you to transform into the fullness of your authentic self.

I see you. I know you are perfect. I know that you are the medicine, you are enough and you are already free”